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Aimetis Symphony With Axis?

New to IPVM and looking at Aimetis Symphony as a VMS for a potential project that requires above avg analytics.   Likely will integrate with Axis cams primarily and a couple FLIR units.   Less than 32 total cams.  Wasn't able to find a review of Aimetis Symphony on IPVM.   Any feedback to share, or pointers to reviews?

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Brian, we have not tested Aimetis. Historically, in terms of market interest / presence, they were not that high as companies integrators most frequently cite (like Exacq, Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, etc., see Favorite VMS Manufacturers 2016). To the extent, we saw usage, it was in line with what you are mentioning - for integrated analytics.

We might test them in 2017 as since their acquisition, they have been ramping up sales hires which likely means more integrators will consider them.

Thanks John.  Looking forward to any reviews IPVM can do on this.   In the meantime, I'll likely get a trial license to test with the handful of Axis PTZs and some other Asian IP cams I have in my lab.

Hi Brian, 

When you download the Aimetis Symphony trial, you will receive an email with the proper contacts so that all your questions will be addressed.  

Tony Hackett 

[IPVM Note: This person is a manufacturer but does not work for Aimetis]

I have used Symphony extensively for 8 years. Personally, I love to work with it. The company and its engineers/management are very quick to respond, both to support issues and incorporating new useful features on request. Some users found the interface of version 6.x to be a bit complicated if they had little to no experience. This was a bit of a problem in cases where there was a high turnover of security personnel. I have only limited experience with version 7.x but it seems to be a bit more intuitive at the basic user level. I can safely recommend Aimetis as a VMS & a company.

So these guys have been ramping up their sales force in N. America and do have a pretty solid product for the Enterprise.  Their key solutions are the analytics (which are solid) and their Enterprise Manager, so for the larger systems, they will absolutely expand their customer base.  I hear that they've actually got some pretty large customer wins that will likely be announced soon that should validate all that.

I don't see them really targeting the smaller market at all, and the medium market will likely be limited to those opportunities that really need the analytics.  And while they do support a lot of cameras, Axis do tend to be their best supported camera partner.

Sounds like you'll be in great hands for your project.

I have used Aimetis and it worked fine with Axis. Aimetis was at the Axis Consulting Event last week and I spent some time with them. I recall liking their licensing better than others. I have also heard no complaints from others who have used it. I would be comfortable with the product.