Watch Matrix Systems At The Access Control Show June 2021

Jun, 2021: Matrix Systems presented at IPVM's Access Control Show June 2021

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Milestone Systems Analytics

Jan, 2022: XProtect Rapid REVIEW: one-point-of-contact forensic video analytics solution, powered by BriefCam. Milesto... more

Briefcam Analytics

Jan, 2022: Claims it delivers accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, providing insights for accelerating inv... more

Bosch Security Analytics

Jan, 2022: AI-based Traffic Detector Software: Bosch MIC inteox 7100i OC and AUTODOME inteox 7000i OC cameras feature ... more

Azena Analytics

Jan, 2022: Through deployment and integration tools, end users and systems integrators can install ready-to-use apps f... more

Mobotix Analytics

Jan, 2022: MOBOTIX 7 Series & 7 Series Apps: modular, flexible system with AI-powered apps covering security, traffic,... more

SVA Tech Analytics

Jan, 2022: SmartVision Deep Learning Software & SVA Image Edit software: Intelligent video analysis, storage and trans... more

Evolon Analytics

Jan, 2022: Enterprise 2.0: next generation appliance and server platform providing both video analytics and artificial... more

PureTech Systems Analytics

Jan, 2022: PurActiv Geospatial Deep Learning Video Analytics: Geospatially boosted, providing among the highest levels... more

Calipsa Analytics

Jan, 2022: Calipsa Pro Analytics: suite of advanced AI cloud video analytics for real-time and forensic analysis.

ViiSights Analytics

Jan, 2022: viisights wise™: AI-powered behavioral recognition video analytics system.

Vintra Analytics

Jan, 2022: Vintra: delivers AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform any real-world video into actionable, ... more

Agent Vi Analytics

Jan, 2022: innoVi™: next-generation, feature-rich AI-powered video analytics software platform.

IPVM Analytics

Jan, 2022: IPVM presented at IPVM's Video Analytics Show January 2022

Cisco Meraki Analytics

Jan, 2022: Viana™ by meldCX: Computer Vision platform that uses cameras to anonymously analyze human and vehicle activ... more

IPVM Analytics

Jan, 2022: IPVM presented at IPVM's Video Analytics Show January 2022

Avigilon Analytics

Jan, 2022: Avigilon AI and Video Analytics: video management system that’s optimized the way security professionals ma... more

Genetec Analytics

Jan, 2022: KiwiVision™ Video analytics Crowd Estimation: estimate the number of people contained within a large multit... more

Actuate Analytics

Jan, 2022: Cloud-based AI software that enables existing security cameras to automatically identify and alert on safet... more

Oyla Analytics

Jan, 2022: Oyla offers the world’s first mass deployable lidar + camera sensor fusion solution specifically optimized ... more

Geovision Analytics

Jan, 2022: 2nd generation AI powered VMS software that can effectively remove all major false detections caused by env... more

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