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Apr, 2021: Presents Harmonize Bridge, extending local recording storage to cloud providers.

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Mobiqam Camera

May, 2020: Belgium-made, fully autonomous, battery-powered, rapid deployment surveillance system.

Actuate Intrusion

May, 2020: The former US Marine Officer led startup seeks to deliver cloud-based AI gun detection.

Indoor Robotics/Tando Intrusion

May, 2020: Created an indoor drone, Tando, for autonomous patrolling.

Cobalt Robotics Intrusion

May, 2020: With $36+ million in funding last year, the Silicon Valley company aims to make security robots viable.

Verge Sense VSaaS

May, 2020: Y-Combinator backed AI-Powered Sensors for workplace environments w/ social distancing analytics.

Visual One VSaaS

May, 2020: The YCombinator backed startup brings advanced AI analytics.

Videoloft VSaaS

May, 2020: Formerly Manything, aims to connect traditional systems to the cloud.

Duranc VSaaS

May, 2020: This US start-up is creating an AI VSaaS.

Ava VSaaS

May, 2020: With $20+ million in funding, bringing an open end-to-end AI video platform.

Security And Safety Things VSaaS

May, 2020: The Bosch super funded 'startup' aims to disrupt the industry with an open app store.

ZKTeco Access Control

Apr, 2020: ZKTeco presents Speedface Access Control tablets with body temperature and mask detection.

Micron Networking

Apr, 2020: Micron presents the 1TB Micro SD card.

Netapp Networking

Apr, 2020: Netapp presents the Netapp E-Series controller for cloud storage.

CambiumNetworks Networking

Apr, 2020: Cambium Networks presents CnVision wireless communication platform

Optex Intrusion

Apr, 2020: Optex presents WX Shield Series and QX infinity Series PIR detectors.

Magos Intrusion

Apr, 2020: Magos presents MASS AI V3.3 Radar Surveillance for intrusion detection.

Brivo Access Control

Apr, 2020: Brivo presents the ACS100 combo controller for Access Control.

Aiphone Access Control

Apr, 2020: Aiphone presents the IXG Series Multi-Tenant Intercom system.

Matrix Systems Access Control

Apr, 2020: Matrix Systems presents the PoE+ Aperta controller for Access Control.

Imron Access Control

Apr, 2020: Imron presents the UnityIs Cloud Access Control system.

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