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Apr, 2021: Presents Harmonize Bridge, extending local recording storage to cloud providers.

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Briefcam Analytics

Apr, 2023: BriefCam presents Briefcam a video analytics platform

Irisity Analytics

Apr, 2023: Irisity presents Edge for Axis

Milestone Systems VMS

Apr, 2023: MIlestone presents XProtect 2023 R1

Eagle Eye Camera

Apr, 2023: Eagle Eye presents Camera Direct

Hailo Analytics

Apr, 2023: Hailo presents Hailo-15 AI Vision Processors

Synology Camera

Apr, 2023: Synology presents BC500 and TC500

Lilin Camera

Apr, 2023: LILIN presents 7 Series AI camera & VMS NAV5.0

Mobotix Camera

Apr, 2023: Mobotix presents M73 with Thermal Validation App

i-Pro Camera

Apr, 2023: i-Pro presents Multi-directional + PTZ camera

Avigilon Camera

Apr, 2023: Avigilon presents the H6SL Camera Line

FLIR Camera

Apr, 2023: Teledyne FLIR presents DX-606z

Hanwha Vision Camera

Apr, 2023: Hanwha presents new AI Cameras

Bosch Security Camera

Apr, 2023: Bosch presents IVA Pro, FLEXIDOME 5100i & DINION 7100i IR bullet cameras

Pelco Camera

Apr, 2023: Pelco presents Sarix Multi Enhanced Panoramic IP camera

Ava Camera

Apr, 2023: Avigilon Ava presents Flex Camera

Axis Camera

Apr, 2023: Axis presents Camera Station Updates, P1468-XLE, P3827-PVE, Q3626-VE/ AXIS Q3628-VE & F Modular Camera Series


Jan, 2023: VXG presents their Cloud VMS Platform VSaaS

Jan, 2023: vCloud presents VSaaS

Dragonfruit AI VSaaS

Jan, 2023: Dragonfruit presents Frontier Video Management System

Turing VSaaS

Jan, 2023: Turing presents Turing Vision

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