US Security Industry Statistics 2009

Published May 07, 2010 00:00 AM
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The following update contains statistics on a variety of security industry wide and video surveillance specific statistics conducted in a Q1 2010 survey by SSI Magazine. We recommend reading the full SSI US Security Statistics report. [link no longer available]

Compare to SSI's 2009 report.

The report included a number of general security statistics:

  • Slightly over half of integrators reported decreased revenue with almost a third citing more than a 5% decrease
  • 2010 revenue projected to be 12% lower than 2009 revenue for average security integrator (2009 - $12.54 M average, 2010 projected - $11.03 M average)
  • Almost half of integrators laid off full time employees
  • Almost half of integrators report customer defaults as a hardship from the economic crisis

The report included a number of video surveillance specific statistics:

  • Video was by far the most popular source of revenue for integrators (access control was second)
  • Market segments for video surveillance severely fragmented (largest was office buildings at 16%, narrowly higher than 3 other segments)
  • Amount charged per video surveillance installation increased 19.8% from $19,930 to $23,770).
  • Driving increase in amount charge was increase in the total number of cameras installed per job - an average of 20, increased from 17 last year. [Note: could be correct but might be a statistical error/anomaly from year to year as that would be a significant jump]
  • Average reported growth for IP cameras was 47% over 2009 
  • 49% of new sales are IP based, up from 39% last year [Note: this seems too high and may depend on one's interpretation of IP based - i.e., IP cameras vs DVRs with IP connections, etc.]
  • 11% of new sales involve analytics with a total sales gain of 6% year over year [Note: the 11% figure seems too high and may be based on a broad definition of analytics, including motion detection, etc.]
  • 30% of IP camera sales are megapixel