On US Security Integrators

Published May 12, 2009 00:00 AM
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Security Sales magazine recently released a very useful survey of US security integrators [link no longer available]. It's 6 pages long and has dozens of metrics. Here are a few that are particularly relevant or interesting to video surveillance professionals:

  • Security integrators are small: average size is only 30 employees
  • Security integrators are poor: service and installation technicians make less than $50,000 USD annual
  • Security integrators are happy: 54% are very satisfied with their job
  • Median annual revenue is only $3 Million USD for security integrators
  • 34% have laid off employees in the last year due to the recession
  • Gross profit margins on video surveillance projects are 32-34% though this dropped 6% from the previous years
  • Average numbers of cameras per installation is 17
  • Average price per video surveillance job is $19,930
This reflects the well known reality of the security industry: it is fractured amongst many small players who do not make huge money. What this survey likely does not factor in is the entrance of IT integrators who have the potential to shift the profile of the industry. However, while IT integrators are certainly moving in, that transition seems to be fairly slow and not the 'tidal wave' that many predicted over the last years.