Tyco Pledges No Sharing Exacq Customer Info

By Brian Karas, Published Mar 16, 2016, 12:00am EDT

Recently, Exacq adopted Tyco's privacy policy that notes: "Tyco may share your personal data with other Tyco group companies."

We contacted Tyco for clarification on this. They unambiguously declared:

"Sensitive commercial and competitive data such as customer, channel, transactional or contractual information is never shared by Tyco even among Tyco affiliates, in accordance with our legal, contractual and anti-trust/fair competition obligations." (emphasis added)

Many industry people and Exacq's own dealers fear the increasing Tycofication of Exacq, as Exacq becomes part of the Tyco solution, its relationship with Tyco the integrator (TycoIS), and the impending JCI acquisition.

Given that, it is notable and promising that Tyco has taken such a strong stand about not sharing such information. If you have any experiences or information to the contrary, please share (comments below or email us).

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