Tyco Pledges No Sharing Exacq Customer Info

Published Mar 16, 2016 04:00 AM

Recently, Exacq adopted Tyco's privacy policy that notes: "Tyco may share your personal data with other Tyco group companies."

We contacted Tyco for clarification on this. They unambiguously declared:

"*********commercial *** *********** **** such as customer, channel, transactional or contractual information is never ****** ** **** **** ***** **** **********, in accordance with our legal, contractual and anti-trust/fair competition obligations." (emphasis added)

**** ******** ****** *** *****'* *** dealers **** ************* ************ ** *****, ** ***** ******* **** ** the **** ********, *** ************ **** Tyco *** ********** (******), *** ************ *** ***********.

***** ****, ** ** ******* *** promising **** **** *** ***** **** a ****** ***** ***** *** ******* such ***********. ** *** **** *** experiences ** *********** ** *** ********, please ***** (******** ***** ** ***** us).

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Undisclosed Manufacturer #1
Mar 16, 2016

From what I can see, this is not true.

The Exacq rep in our area is now pitching Exacq products AND American Dynamic cameras to Kantech customers and vice-versa.

One of my dealer friends had a visit from the Exacq guy who was accompanied by the Kantech rep (they are not a Kantech dealer nor did they show any inclination towards Kantech) - the 2 guys were visiting each other's customers together.

They are sharing customer information- this could not be any clearer

Brian Karas
Mar 23, 2016

I reached out to Tyco/Exacq multiple times for clarification on this and have not received any response yet.

If that changes and they give us an update I will post their reply.

Mark Jones
Mar 16, 2016

In addition to the "synergies", two of the benefits of an acquisition of this type are market share, and the acquisition of information. Tyco paid a lot of money for Exacq and they own the brand despite what Exacq may say to the contrary. Does anyone honestly believe they will not share account information with the other business units? I would be more surprised if they did not.

Undisclosed Integrator #2
Mar 17, 2016

I just had a meeting with the Exacq rep from my state last week. He brought with him a Tyco employee. They immediately started talking about the other Tyco brands and how I am not a dealer for any of them. How would they know this if they didn't share the information across all of their companies???

Undisclosed Manufacturer #3
Mar 17, 2016

Based on comments I wonder if the confusion is Tyco products vs. Tyco integration?

My guess is Tyco products: Exacq, American Dynamics, Kantech, Software House, Elpas, DSC, will begin to operate with more information sharing.

However, the Tyco Integrated Security Branch down the road from your integration business is likely not going to have these Tyco brands contacting them and saying "ABC Integrators" just asked for a quote on 500 Exacq licenses for Benjamin Franklin Public Schools."

That would be the real fear--if the Tyco product side began feeding info to the Tyco integration side that impacted fair competition.

C. Nelson Resch
Mar 21, 2016
Fedora Security

It seems completely reasonable and expected that the brands would cross-sell and gain market share for manufacturing. The value in these acquisitions is not just the widget, but the book of business that's attached.

Is there any evidence of the brands violating this statement or policy?

"Sensitive commercial and competitive data such as customer, channel, transactional or contractual information is never shared by Tyco even among Tyco affiliates, in accordance with our legal, contractual and anti-trust/fair competition obligations."

Any breach of confidentiality would drive business away and be counterproductive. That being said, we should all be vigilant and "eyes open" to the possibility.

Something I haven't seen mentioned is how the brands handle inbound calls from end-users.

Undisclosed Manufacturer #4
Mar 23, 2016