T24 Test Criticisms Reviewed

Published Dec 17, 2010 00:00 AM

In this note, we review the key criticisms of Mobotix's T24 access control offering from NetworkWebcam's T24 test. We strongly recommend you read NetworkWebcam's T24 test results as they did an excellent job. Additionally, to better understand the market and competitive positioning, review our T24 product review.

Let's start with NetworkWebcam's key criticisms:

  • Access control / door support limited to Siedle (a German company who self-reports about annual revenue of $75 Million Euros, 510 employees and 20% market share in Western Europe)
  • Problems supporting larger buildings: the T24 supports only a single button module with 4 buttons
  • Lack of providing mounting hardware causes installation difficulties
  • Complexity in software setup: "advanced settings are still incredibly difficult for most non-technical installers"

While NetworkWebcams praised the image quality and end user usability, it concluded that, "installation is where the T24 camera lets itself down ... it will still be a hard sell for installers."

Mobotix's software complexity is a common criticism. Info4Security reported earlier in 2010 that Mobotix's software was 'truly horrible'. This is certainly in line with the issues we found on both the video management and camera side.

We think the limitation on door support will be especially constraining (outside of Germany where both Siedle and Mobotix have strong presence).

The fate of the T24 is especially interesting for Mobotix's overall corporate growth as Mobotix has positioned access control as key to their strategic market expansion.