Panasonic Slashes IP Camera Pricing

By Ethan Ace, Published Jun 27, 2014, 12:00am EDT

Panasonic has slashed prices on many IP cameras by 20% or more in the past few weeks. Will a new generation of cameras, along with new lower pricing, help to halt or turn around their popularity decline?

In this note we look at which models are affected, how it changes their positioning, and future prospects.

Model Pricing Changes

According to our sources, this price drop affects the entirety of their new 6 series cameras cameras, which have only recently shipped. For example, compared to 2-3 weeks ago, prices on some models have changed as follows, averaging a 23% drop:

However, this price reduction has not yet trickled down to all models online. The WV-SFV611L, a 720p vandal resistant outdoor model, currently sells for about $1,005 USD online and up, higher than the 1080p SFV631L. This price reduction has also not yet trickled down to all online sources, with some retailers still reflecting higher pricing on some or all models. Those looking for series 6 camerass online should compare prices.

Change in Positioning

This decrease brings Panasonic pricing below major competitors such as Axis, Bosch, and Sony, whose top tier 1080p outdoor domes sell for approximately $1,100$1,200 and $1,300, respectively, compared to $950 for the Panasonic WV-SFV631L. 

However, lost cost entrants such as Dahua, Hikvision, and Samsung all sell comparable outdoor 1080p dome models between $500-600 online, substantially lower than Panasonic and competitors. 

Pricing Downshift Continues

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As we examined in the IP Camera Costs Comparison and Trends report, IP camera pricing across the board is coming down. This is yet another example of this inexorable trend.

Future Prospects

In addition to this price drop, we are told that Panasonic's upcoming 3 series cameras (Q3 2014) will be priced $250-300 lower than the 6 series models discussed here, while removing some features (only 720p resolution, no IR, no motorized zoom). This further push into lower priced cameras would bring them more in line with low cost competitors, and increase their pricing advantage against the majors.

If this pricing holds, and performance is comparable to competitors, Panasonic may be much better positioned than they were previously. IPVM plans to test these new generation cameras in the coming months in order to find out.


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