Get End User Leads for Just $997 A Month

By: John Honovich, Published on Aug 31, 2016

Scam or opportunity?

As trade mags continue to suffer from the decline of print media, they are scrounging for new ways to make money. Rather than provide better research and reporting, the path for Security Sales is to sell end user leads for $7,400 $1,000 just $997 per month.

Deal ********

** ******** ***** *** their ****** ************ (********** ****** ********) *** ***** ** harvest *** **** ***** and **** ********** ****, by ************ ******, ** integrators.

************** $*** *** ***** (***** ******* **** ** they ******** ** ****** prices ****). ** ********, they get **-** *****. **** lead ** ***** ** up ** * *********** in * ******. ***** are ***** ****** ******** that **** ************** ***** are ***** $*,*** *** month *** *** ***** is ******* *** *** thing.

**** ** ***** ***** pitch *****:

Lead **********

*******, ***** *** ******** but *** ******** **** are ******* ** *** well ********* **** *** and *** **** ** a *** **** *** to **********. **** ******** Sales ********* ** **** they *************** (*** ***** * examples)** **** ******* *** end ***** ** ******** contact *********** ** *******. Presumably, **** **** **** databases **** ***** *********, etc. *** ******* *** end **** ** ******** pursuing * ******* *********** is ******* ********. ***, more *************, *****, ** is *** **** *** end ***** ** **** integrators ** ***** ***, especially ***** ***** *** not ***** **** ** organization *** *** **** trusts.

End ***** *** **** 

*****, *** *** ********* *** user, **** **** ** sold *** *** ******** of ******* **** *** interacting **** ******** *****' publications. *** ******* ** privacy *** ***** ** more ******** ********.

Trade ********* ******* ****

** ** ************** *** trade ********* ***** ** that. ******* *** ******* the '*******' ** ** sold, **** ****** **** advertisements ************. ******* ** to **** ******* *********** is *** **** **** up.

Would *** ***?

***** *** *** ***** from **** ** ****** else? *** ** ***? How **** ***** *** pay? *** ** **** in *** ********.

Comments (12)

Nope, would not buy because typically leads you pay for are crap, and at $1000 for 10-15 leads with no guarantee and other integrators buying the same info...its a no go. Magazine either needs to redo their business model or close up shop.

My question is where are they getting the leads info from?

I say scam on this and someone better quit dreaming.

My question is where are they getting the leads info from?

I believe it's from people who come to their website or other media sources they own.

They offer this guarantee:

So that is a positive though getting regular warm leads in each territory is a hard thing to do.

Sadly, for the unwitting end user, they will be sold off for hundreds of dollars each for interacting with Security Sales' publications.

Sad for sure, but I assumed they were already selling anything and everything you gave them on registration and every interaction thereafter, yes/no?

they were already selling anything and everything you gave them on registration and every interaction thereafter, yes/no?

I do not know all that they sell but I have seen manufacturers get reports of names and email addresses of people who click through on the manufacturer's ads. Then you can creepily say, "Hey I say you clicked on my ad on that other site, want to buy my product?"

Sounds like someone should setup a whale account with a brand spanking new email and see how many contacts they actually get.

Lead generation is a challenging subject from a cost and CRM marketing perspective not to mention a system integrators internal resources. The key will be hands on qualification of how effectively are qualified. If it is simply a survey it will not be effective. If human assets have a conversation and gain opt in buy in from end users that would be more valuable. Interesting concept and if executed well could be a reasonable investment. Leads that are unqualified still cost north of $100, more qualified $250+. ExecutiOn and tools will be key success factors.

As full disclosure I do write a column for SSI although I did not attend the webinar session referenced. Will look into the mechanics of the program.

If human assets have a conversation and gain opt in buy in from end users that would be more valuable

I agree about that. If it was 'I just got off the phone with the X county school district and they want to deploy x 1000s of cameras per month but need 3 integrators' that's worth thousands but from listening to the webinar it did not seem to be that.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

This guy figured he only needs a few fish a month to make a living.

Probably an ex security rep! While the idea is legitimate, i highly doubt those leads are qualified.

Where does he tap to gets end user infos from... Cold calls from some freelancers or a hacked CRM?

The only potential I see is in the residential market, all those post 2001 packages are overly ripped for conversion, but at that point i would simply go knock those doors where you see any major's stickers and offer much lower monthly fee, free battery changes, just with a signature down this new 3 years worry free contract. No time to loose on bad leads.

Witch bring a question to the table, are CRM such a SalesForce subject to hack or have backdoor?

I don't know anything about this program, but I used a service like this several years ago in a different business, outside of the security industry. I found that the first few leads were really good and I got some business from them, and then the rest of them were really bad. I even started to believe that the people I was talking to who were supposed to be potential customers were just shills put up by the lead gen company. I couldn't prove it, but their answers to my questions were almost scripted, and several 'leads' situations were just too similar to each other. It took me about 3 months to figure it out, but I never went near these types of services again.

I found that the first few leads were really good and I got some business from them, and then the rest of them were really bad.

That makes sense to me. Even more challenging, these guys are selling by region. Let's say you do Kansas City. Can they really keep on sending 10 new useful leads each month in Kansas City? That's 100+ a year, which is quite a lot. There are certainly 100+ opportunities in Kansas City each year but is any lead generation company going to be able to get that many?

John -

The service I was using was only around $500 per month, and it was for web development, which I would think has more potential, and less geographic restrictions, than security systems. (as you point out in your Kansas City example.) The other thing that I found out is that the actual size of the projects were often much smaller than what the initial details indicated. I would imagine it would be easy to inflate how many cameras/doors/sensors/etc... are needed for a job when the lead is passed to the integrator. For example a 'lead' could be something like "This church needs 20 cameras." In actuality they need 6 cameras now and will grow to 20 over the next two years.

As you can tell I'm a little bitter. What I've found is that there really isn't a magic shortcut to earning business, you have to put in the work.

For to use such a service at such a high cost I would ask for guaranteed return and a 10-1 ration of cost to return.

There are so many scams, markets , people waiting to take your money with a chance of return. Always a win win for the company offering such a program.

No chance I will ever even consider this. as this means each and every customer has to be overcharged for the return.

Many who would send you leads for a fee per lead cost and it is always up to you to make the connection , they just send out numbers and clients .They get paid no matter what.

Tried the guaranty on advertising and that cost around 5 k for a year and returned only around 2 k for what was charged.

advertising has a 5% return on expenses. not 1k per month to what ever .

I sure this guy will find a sucker as there are many out there.

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