2018 IP Networking Book Released

Author: IPVM Team, Published on Jan 03, 2018

The new IP Networking Book 2018 is a 228-page in-depth guide that teaches you how IT and telecom technologies impact modern security systems, notably updated and expanded since 2017.

The book will give you the knowledge and the confidence to make the right decisions when designing and deploying video surveillance systems on IP networks and working with IT departments. Now, all IPVM PRO Members can get it in a single 366 page e-book, downloadable inside.

See the Table of Contents below for an overview of what's inside:

Course / Certification on IP Networking

We run our IP Networking for Video Surveillance Course, using this book, with live classes, graded assignments, interactive discussions and certifications for those who pass. The next IP networking course is April 2018 - learn more.

*** *** ** ********** **** **** ** * ***-**** **-***** guide **** ******* *** *** ** *** ******* ************ ****** modern ******** *******, ******* ******* *** ******** ***** ****.

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Comments (13)

WOW...super stuff

Only thing I feel is, didn't find one of the "most wanted" term in network swtiches, Mpps ~ Million Packets Per Second

Excellent resource John, well done.

Any possibility of having it translated into Spanish? :)

Estás de voluntario? ;)

In general, translating into Spanish and Chinese are something we think / talk about but it's not something we've decided / been able to focus on yet.

I don't habla a word mate, they don't generally teach that in British schools and it's definitely a requirement living in South Florida! Fortunately most equipment manuals are multi-lingual and VMS software can be deployed in a choice of languages usually.

I'm sure it's already been translated into Chinese though ;)

"I'm sure it's already been translated into Chinese though ;)"

you're not funny! :)

Would you pay for it? Yo lo puedo hacer.

John, we are interested in help IPVM to be known in Spain...And translate your articles to spanish, of course. Could you contact us? (luissoler@reqquality.com).

We give courses for our distributors and we have our own CCTV and IP book...Worse than yours, of course.

Best regards.

i have an employee who speaks spanish as a second language... I will make a comment to him about it and he will take it as a challenge and most likely translate it...

havent read it yet, but im glad you put it in book form.

are any hardcover books available for purchase?

No, it's a good idea though! We just have not focused on making it ready for print publication. We will keep this in mind for the future.

as always, great source...

Is this no longer offered for download?

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