2023 IP Networking Book

By John Scanlan, Published Jan 02, 2023, 08:49am EST (Info+)

The new 2023 IP Networking Book is a 311-page, in-depth guide that teaches you how IT and telecom technologies impact modern security systems, updated and expanded since 2022.

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The book will give you the knowledge and the confidence to make the right decisions when designing and deploying video surveillance systems on IP networks and working with IT departments. Now, all IPVM subscribers can get all this in a single, downloadable 311-page e-book.

See the Table of Contents below for an overview:

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Course on IP Networking

IPVM uses this book in our IP Networking for Video Surveillance Course, with live classes, graded assignments, interactive discussions and certificates for those who pass. The next IP Networking Course is October 2023 - learn more. We also offer the networking course on-demand.

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