Hikvision Releases Network Cabling

By: Brian Karas, Published on Aug 04, 2017

Hikvision's expansion continues. From cameras to analytics to thermal to intrusion to access to... network cabling.

Hikvision explained:

A typical mid-end surveillance camera project needs a lot of network cables to connect different devices. Hikvision’s new cable products brings quality, guaranteeing a more stable data transmission.

How does Hikvision new network cabling compare to incumbent providers? How will this impact Hikvision's competitive positioning and revenue generation?

Inside this post, based on feedback from Hikvision, we answer these questions.

*********'* ********* *********. **** cameras ** ********* ** thermal ** ********* ** access **... ******* *******.

********* *********:

* ******* ***-*** ************ camera ******* ***** * lot ** ******* ****** to ******* ********* *******. Hikvision’s *** ***** ******** brings *******, ************ * more ****** **** ************.

*** **** ********* *** network ******* ******* ** incumbent *********? *** **** this ****** *********'* *********** positioning *** ******* **********?

****** **** ****, ***** on ******** **** *********, we ****** ***** *********.


Cabling ********

*** ******* ** ******* two ******** ** ***** [link ** ****** *********], a ***** *** **** variant, **** ** ****' boxes, **** *** *** plenum ********. **** *** listed ** *****-****** **********. Overall ************** *** ******* to ********** ********* **** other ***** *******.

*** ***** ********* *** expected ** ** ********* in *** ***** ******** market ** ********* ****, and *** ******* ****** on *********'* ******** **** [link ** ****** *********].

250M ******** *********

*********'* ***** ******* ********** transmission "** **" **** [link ** ****** *********], which **** ***** "***** quality ****** ****** *******." The ******* **** **** rating ** *** ******* to **** ********* ********, and **** ** ****** work **** *** ****** rated *** *** ****** transmission ********.

** ********* ******** ******** rated *** **** ******** (e.g.: ****** ***-*******), ******* **** *******, and ***** **** ******** specific *****, **** *** state **** ************ ***** at ******** ********* ***** be ******, ***** *** significantly ***** ******* ****** options.

**** **** ***** *** other ************* ****** ******** PoE ***** ******, ****** typically ** ***** *** hardware, **** ** ******* of *****. *** *******, Uniview ****** ***** ********* of ** ** **** when ***** ****************** (*** *** ****), *** **** ** not ***** ******** ****** must ** ****.

Pricing ************

********* **** "******* **** be ********* ** *** time ** *******."

Revenue ******** *** ******

~$** ********** ******* *** camera ** ******** *** Hikvision ******* ******* *******, assuming * ****** ***** ** ~$100 *** ***** *****, and ** ******* ***** run ** ***'. ***** ago, **** *** **********, but ***** *** **** IP ****** ******* *** dropped, ********* ***** ***** their ***-****** ******* ** ~10% **** **** ****.

Fragmented ******* ******

* ******** ******* *** Hikvision's **** **** ** that **** *********** ** not **** ****** ********** / ********** *** **** network ******* *********, ** our **** ******** **** ******* Cable ****** ********** ****, ***** ****** below:

** **** ***, ********* may ** **** ** convince ***** *** ******* to ****** ***** ******* cabling. ******* **** ***** even ****** ** - buy * ***** ** cable, *** * ****** for **** (****** ******, we ****).

*********** ***********

************ *************'* ******* *****, ** **** ******* these ***** ***** ********* of ***-** ******** **** network *****. **** ************ source ***** *** ***** brands, ******** **** ** make ********** ****** ** these ******** **** ********* them **** ********* ***** promos. ***, ********* ** competing **** ***** ************ in * ******* **** that *** ********** *** the *****. ** **********, we **** ** ********** to *** **** *********'* top ***** ******** ************ partner *** **** **** since *** *** ***** own ********* ***** ****, which *** ********** ****** support ** *** ********** statistics.

Channel *********

** ********* ***** ** overall ****** **** *** company ****, ********* **** complimentary ********** (**** ******* cabling) ** * ******* step ** ********** **** revenue *** ******** ** well ** ******* ***** it ** **** ********* to ***** ******** ********* than ******* *** ****. 

** *** ***** ****, this ** ********* ******** for ***** ************ ************* so ** **** ** interesting ** *** *** response / ****** ** this.

Vote / ****

*** ********** *** *** in ********* ******* *****?

Comments (44)

Hikvision has driven IP camera prices so low that now selling bulk network cabling seems appealing... sign of the times...

I thought the same thing... when the cost of cable is now more than the cost of cameras, interesting times indeed. 


Josh, once upon a time, it was "Give 'em the razor; sell 'em the blades", now it's give em the camera, sell 'em the network cable...

Dahua is also selling cable. It has been available for 1 year already. 

I work for Dahua!

#1, thanks. We had not seen that. In North America, they only list 1 cable item instead of the 9 on the International site. Also, not sure if that is being sold in North America yet.

Btw, how is up take on cabling going for you? Good add-on sale or?

I looked at Dahua Cat6 and went to ADI and purchased. I just used the price to help my negotiation at ADI it worked. However, is it true if the quality of the copper if 100% the flexibility of the cable is high? The Dahua cable felt very soft in a 16" diameter bending test.

I looked at Dahua Cat6 and went to ADI and purchased.

Are you saying ADI stocks Dahua's cabling? We searched for it and no results were found:

ADI does not stock their cable you are correct. I just used lower pricing from Savvy Tech a Dahua OEM distributor in Houston

By all technicality, this is probably not new for either company.

Hikvision cable options in China.

Dahua cable options in China.

Dahua has never once pushed their cabling options on us that we know of.

Also, we do not sell Dahua's cables...so trying to price match ADI with our cable is not exactly fair....

OK then to play fair what exactly would be the specifications...pulling strength is critical for us because my guys can be slightly dangerous...for all I know your cable maybe an equal your price was good... 

Count down to disclosure of security vulnerabilities from Hikvision cable......

First network cable to come with a built-in IP address...

Layer 1 - Check.

Switches, Routers, Firewall next?


Hikvision PoE switch

Yep, these have been around for a while, first saw these in a supplier's showroom a couple of months ago. Never used one though so can't comment on the quality.

Had to return a 24-port POE switch to HIK. Bad out of box. Firmware (appears to be Cisco knock-off) did not work correctly. 

Who is actually going to stock it? I assume ADI will not be interested as it competes with their own line of cable.


For us, being in a major metro area, we have 5 or 6 distributors we can get cable from without paying shipping. I assume they bring the cable in bulk, and we can take advantage of that.


I just do not see how this will sell well. I saw mention of $100 per box. I would choke if I had to pay $100 per box of Cat5 riser.


Is Hik making the cable or just rebranding?


Who is actually going to stock it? I assume ADI will not be interested as it competes with their own line of cable.

ADI has its own line of cameras too... made by Hikvision. It's a good question, though, I am not sure if ADI will sell Hikvision network cable. Since Hikvision says they are releasing soon, we should know soon.

I saw mention of $100 per box.

That was a rough number we used. It obviously depends on the source, the category type, plenum, etc. As we noted in the report, Hikvision has not disclosed pricing yet.

Is Hik making the cable or just rebranding?

@BRK, can you answer this?

Is Hik making the cable or just rebranding?

@BRK, can you answer this?

Technically, no. We asked Hikvision if they were making this cable in their own facilities and their response was "cannot comment on this". Though I would take that to mean "no".


Are they going to wait for 6 months of cable shipment and then announce that they won't provide technical support unless the camera is installed on HikVision "approved" network cabling?

announce that they won't provide technical support unless the camera is installed on HikVision "approved" network cabling?

I think that is impossible. (1) Hikvision has so many varied small customers across Europe and the Americas that they would never get even most of them to use their network cabling. (2) It would also be impossible to prove / verify that customers use their network cabling.

How much copper coating the aluminum:)

That was my initial thought as well, but it is listed as solid copper.


Related - we are planning to do a shootout of network cabling this fall, including the choices listed by integrators in our survey results.

If they have cable sales, like they do camera sales...its going to be a blood bath.

It would most likely be a blood bath for Hikvision themselves.

Hikvision has taken to claiming their cameras and other products are "proudly made in China":

When I asked them if this cable was made by Hikvision in a Hikvision facility they declined to comment.

I do not believe Hikvision is manufacturing the cable, and I would not expect them to, given the number of existing suppliers, and the very narrow opportunity for differentiation on category cabling.

Thus, Hikvision is basically reselling this product. While they may have gotten a good price from the actual manufacturer based on potential sales and the weight of their brand, it is unlikely THAT manufacturer is going to be selling it at a loss.

If the above is true, Hikvision has less leverage on the cost of the cable, which they buy and resell, vs. the cost of things like cameras and DVRs, which they manufacture and have some control over.

Applying their camera pricing strategy to the bulk cabling would just hurt their overall margins and lose money. You could argue the cable is a loss-leader to sell more cameras, but that seems very unlikely.


On the public and private projects that I put out to bid, if the cable is not UL Listed, and I can confirm it on the UL website, I won't allow it on any project, period. Counterfeit comm cables which don't meet US electrical code and fire code requirements, and national telecom standards, are a liability. And just because they may have a real looking UL label on the box, and the cable is stamped "UL Listed" or "CMR" doesn't mean it is true.  Too many counterfeits have been discovered in North America. Contractors bidding on my projects are warned up front that any cable manufactured outside the US will be rejected. If any cable manufactured or OEM'd by HikVision or even by Dahua is legitimately UL tested and becomes UL Listed, I will be amazed.

It turns out UL has an authenticator card you can order that allegedly can differentiate between real UL holograms and fake holograms:






"The card has a special window on it. When moved across the special UL logo made with color-shifting ink, the UL should appear and disappear."


UL requires holograms on communication cables because UL has found that they are frequently counterfeited.  Home Depot sold 11 million feet of counterfeit riser cable before anyone noticed and a recall was announced.  It was allegedly a fire hazard.

The 1st link - the followed link to purchase the card doesn't work.

The 2nd link doesn't work as well...

I found mentioned of this card on page 8 of this article.


Are you assuming without even seeing the HIKVISION cable that it is counterfeit? Or a fire hazard? Why may I ask?

Why may I ask?

Are you familiar with the saying "Your reputation proceeds you"?

I don't have any opinion on network cable generally but, to the extent that other industry people are skeptical of Hikvision's, it would be based on Hikvision's reputation.

If that the case then Belden and Superior better sharpen their pencils because Hikvision is LEADING this Industry with rock solid growth every year. Love 'em or Hate 'em it's a solid fact that is here to stay. So all the folks that are still wining about it, go get some cheese!

Are you familiar with the saying "Your reputation proceeds you"?

OK cool-o, now where is the PROOF that Hikvision knowingly produced one part that was counterfeit or a Fire hazard? Talk is cheap, hard proof on this one is non-existent.

Reputation proceeds me? Sure I agree in general with that statement but now that the wire is available, and there are several 'flavors' not just one, it seems clear it is as good if not better than others do you choose to reconsider that statement?

I am not skeptical because it is made by Hikvision, that a reason to use it.


Hi Marty,  

I didn't assume or state that Hikvision's cable IS counterfeit or a fire hazard. Please read my post again. I said IF it "is legitimately UL tested and becomes UL Listed, I will be amazed."  No need to put words in my mouth that were not there.

"IF" ....why would you think otherwise? Why would you assert that HIKVISION would sell any inferior product that is not UL-Listed? What would you say "IF" HIKVISION buys Belden? (which they damn sure could) Hikvision is a reputable manufacturer of many high quality products sold worldwide. 


What would you say "IF" HIKVISION buys Belden?

I'd say "Calhoun called it."

What would you say "IF" HIKVISION buys Belden?

As a point of fact, Belden's market capitalization is $3 billion and they are a US company.

Those 2 factors combined would make it hard for Hikvision to do the acquisition. The Chinese government has recently been tightening approvals for overseas acquisitions (i.e., Hikvision would have to ask their superiors in the Chinese government) and the media attention of a Chinese government owned company buying a historical US one would probably not be something Hikvision wants to attract.


You seem to have a big chip on your shoulder. At least it comes across that way in your post.

To answer your question, if Hikvision were to purchase Belden, Belden would then over-night become a Chinese government-run company.  If that were to occur, I would remove all Belden products from my specs. Simple.


Thank you for your speculation.

You would demand the removal of perfectly good cable because of ? And I have chip on my shoulder?

And I have chip on my shoulder?

He asks two months later and after already replying once...

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