Hawk-I Mobile App for Milestone Removed

Published Nov 09, 2011 00:00 AM
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In May, we reviewed a new third party iPhone app, called Hawk-i, for the Milestone line of VMS systems - a promising application that looked to resolve Milestone's limited and extremely expensive third party 'enterprise' iPhone application offerings. However, recently, the Hawk-i application has been removed from the App Store.

DComplex, the developer of Hawk-i told us, "The Hawk-i app is currently not available for sale worldwide. We appreciate everyone's feedback and we continue to provide technical support to existing customers."

We asked both Milestone and DComplex for further information on what happened. However, neither would comment on why. We do not know if Milestone blocked the app or if DComplex somehow independetly and unilaterly choose to remove it.  The former, blocking of the app, sounds more likely.

A variety of industry sources inform us that Milestone is working on their own mobile applications that should resolve this deficiency and solidify Milestone as the last VMS vendor to release a modern mobile VMS application.

UPDATE: Milestone has released their own free Mobile VMS suite.