$10,000 Free VMS Licenses For New Dealers IPConfigure

By: Brian Karas, Published on Mar 29, 2017

Another gimmick or a real deal? The company that brought 'Unlimited' Enterprise VMS License for Just $32,000 and a cannon to ISC West are back with a new deal. This time for $10,000 in free VMS licenses.

In this note, we examine the offer from IPConfigure and analyze its pros and cons.

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Offer ********

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Comments (12)

Offer Overview

This applies to new IPConfigure dealers only, which should make it applicable to a broad audience.

This is objectively funny.

As this is a Tier III product with a non-traditional distribution channel, additionally IPConfigure doesn't have any loyalty to their existing channel; apparently desperate times, call for desperate measures? Nothing these guys do comes as a surprise.

Does anyone concur?

Hi UDI2,

What's not traditional about our distribution channel (ScanSource, CSC, Anixter, Ingram, etc.)? And where have we sold direct outside of some pre-2010 customers (the year we went to a traditional distribution channel model)?

We made a big bet to leave our Windows only VMS architecture three years ago and build from the ground up Orchid, a Linux/Windows based VMS. Additionally, we are growing beyond our larger enterprise customers and increasing focus on mid-market, this requires a strong dealer program.

Yes, we are desperate to communicate to the industry what the future of VMS looks like. Every dollar spent on the monolithic Windows based VMS platforms is a mistake for the customer and the industry. Furthermore, we are so confident in our new VMS that we decided to pay dealers to try Orchid with a few customers. This BTW cannibalizes deals and revenue for IPConfigure in the short and medium term, not something one would do in desperate times.

I encourage you to contact me directly and speak about your pains of the past with us and more importantly our competitors. Because until you've tested our latest products and understand our loyalty to the channel your frustrations are misplaced. Chris.Uiterwyk@ipconfigure.com

Chris Uiterwyk
President & CEO
IPConfigure Inc.

I have worked with IPConfigure for over 10 years since their infancy and have deployed their solution with our client base to include Municipalities, State, Federal, Large Commercial, Campuses, etc. Their applications fits each and every Market Vertical. They have been very dynamic with their software to stay one step ahead of the traditional VMS industry while their development team remains nimble and creative enough to generate customers' innovative technology requests. This allows us to customize a solution no matter the application or who the client is.

I am not sure where these comments are steaming from but I would like to give my 25 years of experience in the security industry comment. Products are distributed in many ways such as: selling directly anyone in the marketplace, distribution channels, dealer programs, etc. There are products that integrators are not able to get because of the distribution model and some are freely accessible. IPConfigure has chosen to use a very traditional distribution model to sell their products with well known Distributors for the Security Industry much like, Axis Communications. We all know Axis and are we saying they are non traditional as well? This model allows them to focus on development and not past due invoices from security firms. I pick development.

This Offer is outstanding. As an integrator, we all know security is always a funding nightmare. This Offer opens new doors to customers and opportunities to satisfy existing customers.

Great campaign, IPConfigure!!!!!

Sure it’s a “gimmick”! Otherwise known as creative & innovative marketing… Doesn’t mean it’s not a great deal.

Our organization has worked with IPC for a relatively short time (~3+ years) and frankly began that partnership due to a specific customer request. It’s rare that we engage in new partnerships, and extremely rare based upon a specific opportunity. However, due to the strategic nature of that customer, we decided to proceed. And could not be happier we did.

Our hesitations, like other integrators perhaps, was that the Orchid platform was very new at the time, but primarily the fact that Orchid didn’t fit the mold of the “traditional VMS’”. It was unlike anything we sold to our enterprise customers and honestly a piece of our portfolio, in hindsight, we didn’t know was missing. And that’s their competitive advantage.

3 years later… After capitalizing on that initial opportunity and turning one of the world’s largest retailers into one of our largest and fastest growing customers, we have partnered with IPC on numerous of the world’s largest retail, financial, QSR customers, etc. Their ability to be agile, innovative and creative (see this “gimmick” as example) have set them apart alone. Add in the uniqueness of the Orchid/Fusion platform and this VMS has become one of our go-to solutions. Because it’s easy to sell!

A good integrator realizes one size does not fit all. We build solutions around our customers’ needs. We don’t build a customer base around our solutions. This isn’t your grandpa’s VMS, but he wishes it was. And we like it too.

Keep up the good work guys!

Seems like multiple IPConfigute employees posing as independent 3rd Parties.

How would you like to be a loyal "old" IP Configure Integrator, with an existing client base - now having to be concerned with NEW competition who are impowered to compete with you because of the new program, and the 10K worth of free licenses ?

No, our records show these as integrators. However, whether IPConfigure asked them to post in support of them is something we cannot verify.

I do think you make a good point about existing dealers. If I was one, I would ask for a comparable discount.

Thanks John. We have extended this offer to our existing dealers for "new" projects. Additionally, active dealers get an additional $10k on their 1 year anniversary indefinitely.

I am an end-user of many years, and have had the pleasure of working for multiple Fortune 50 & 500 corporations in that time; some of these having extraordinarily large video deployments. Building and maintaining enterprise level video solutions has been a substantial part of my job for many years, both as an employee and freelance security consultant (never having had any affiliation, paycheck, or personal kick-back from any manufacturer what-so-ever). I have never sold a camera or VMS and my company has always bought my dinner. I am currently a senior security leader for a company supporting 1,400+ sites.

As an end-user that has specifically specified IP Configure as the VMS platform in multiple RFP’s, I always find it funny to find comments in articles such as this where integrators mock a product as “tier 3” or “gimmicky”. To me, this underpins a foundational problem in our industry where integration partners fail to understand the business requirements and appropriate solutions available to their clients. In fairness, certainly this is perpetuated by manufacturers offering substantial volume discounts to encourage loyalty to a particular line; but keep in mind that one VMS vendor that you are married to may not be the right fit for your clients.

For this reason, I applaud programs like this and hope to see it more in the future as it encourages integrators to branch out and understand why a solution might the most appropriate for a particular problem. I have found IP Configure (and Orchid) to be a great, low learning curve, everyman’s video platform. It is able to be adapted to my unique architectural requirements, is low overhead, and most importantly – it just works. It is not Genetec (a great product), nor does it try to be. For my organizations current business needs – no other product fits, period.

In my organization, I am the expert. I have the luxury of testing many products before I decide what to specify in my RFP’s. Many of your “big” clients have someone just like me, but I understand many little guys don’t. There (for the small to medium business) you are the expert, the trusted partner who is being hired to help consult and identify an appropriate solution that will help their organization to mitigate risk for many years to come. I hope many of you will capitalize on opportunities like this; having a broad product portfolio can only be a win for everybody and will better enable you to deliver value to your clients.

Those IPConfigure guys are too slick. The previous post was another "friends and family" testimonial.

First the "new dealers" only promo modified to a include "all" after it was explained that the gimmicky new dealer promo wouldn't be appreciated by their existing loyal dealers. I'd guess that there's a "deal dejour"

Next the only 3 comments are clearly either employees and if not employees they posted on behalf of the organization.

Too Slick.

I am not quite sure what you are implying by "friends and family" testimonial. I would think you could understand why I would not want to reveal my identity on a forum filled with people who want to sell me things, and I explicitly state that I use their products.

I have offered my honest opinion about why, as an end-user, I benefit from this and believe it advances our collective best interests as an industry. Rather than your accusations of positive comments as shills, I would truly be interested in your discourse on why or why not this offering is a good thing.

As to who I am, I give IPVM permission to search my Linkedin profile, or simply validate that my email handle belongs to a private corporation not engaged in the sales or installation of video products, so long as my identity is not revealed. Further, my opinions are my own and are not representative of my employer, or any other company.

UD#5 is very much an end-user, and at a well-recognized brand that does not cross over with the security industry.

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