FLIR Restructures Security Division

By: Brian Karas, Published on Aug 22, 2017

FLIR's goal was once to have a single end-to-end security solution.

However, FLIR's Security business unit has been struggling, with several areas underperforming. Now, the company has started to restructure how the various products within the Security division are managed and measured.

IPVM spoke with FLIR about changes being made within the division, including how they are focusing on each line.

Our analysis of FLIR's Security division shakeup, and details on what these changes may indicate for future plans, in this report.

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Comments (18)

Where would DVTel Thermal cameras (DRS) fall in compared to FLIR's original line of thermal?

Which "original" line? The F Series? S Series? FC Series?

I think the DRS cameras were roughly comparable to the FLIR FC cameras in most applications, but could not match the F series for example.

FLIR's original line before the acquisition of DVTel and Digimirge. I wasn't sure what the name of the line was.

So which product group would that fall into?

The DRS OEMed DVTel thermal cameras were discontinued after the FLIR acquisition for understandable reasons (i.e., FLIR sells thermal cameras).

They had more than 1 line of thermals even before that acquisition. As I recall, the F series was the top-end uncooled thermal security camera. The S series was a lower-cost range, and the SR was a short-lived very low cost (relatively speaking) product. I forget when the FC series came out, I think it was around 2012.

SR was first.  Analog only.  Initially 120x160 resolution.

Ranger/HRC Cooled Long Range

F series was next.  Analog and IP

PT series followed. Analog/IP/Pan/Tilt with 26x Sony Zoom visible module

D series. Different appearance than PT with less lens options.

FC series F series Compact.  Initially released for traffic.

FC-ID adds Intrusion Analytics

FC-R adds temperature alarming

TCX small, lower resolution and cost

I might have the HRC timing wrong.



DVTEL ended it's relationship with DRS upon the acquisition by FLIR

This smells like the beginning of the end for DVTel. FLIR is a known brand with a leading reputation for thermal. I know DVTel has been around a long time but I can't see a lot of investment going to this product line to push it up the list of top VMS platforms. Is there something special about DVTel that I've been missing out on? If it does not float on it it's own, why keep it? Like you suggest, Brian, maybe they are going to see if they can show some valuation on it to recover some cost of the acquisition by spinning it off. Lights out and no night vision for DVTel?

Nothing floats on its on. It takes promotion and education to make a product line like DVTEL go. The problem with the DVTEL solution sale is an inconsistent approach to selling and marketing throughout the history of DVTEL and now FLIR. The FLIR acquisition just compounded the problem where they changed their sales force along with losing historically significant people then merged the products together to form one product group. FLIR people selling thermal or Lorex like products had no idea what it took to learn and demonstrate the strengths of the DVTEL solution. Classic fail! They are too far behind the curve to pull this out in the short term. They will have to dig in strategically over the next 3 years to make any progress. I wish them success in doing so and I'll be watching.

As far as what you missed. DVTEL has really good innovations on the camera side and a solid VMS platform with great integration to other systems. They were developing a very advanced body worn device that they would have launched by now had FLIR not purchased them. But FLIR did purchase them because they saw the value of DVTEL unfortunately those same people who made the buy left it up to others to drive sales. Everyone got off the bus right after that.

DVTel is so far behind the rest of the industry, I can't envision FLIR making the needed investment to get them caught up with the industry.  FLIR bought Lorex for their distribution model...which clearly doesn't fit anymore.  Both companies are a drop in the bucket to the billion dollar mother company.  My guess is that these companies will be spun off quickly and FLIR can go back to what made them what they are...a thermal company.  Classic fail for a division being run by people without true industry knowledge.  

"Classic fail for a division being run by people without true industry knowledge."

No truer words spoken and the sad thing is it is rampant in our industry and has been for years.

"Classic fail for a division being run by people without true industry knowledge.  No truer words spoken and the sad thing is it is rampant in our industry and has been for years."

Why is it in this industry, if you are good at your job, you will be left in your current role.  If you suck at your job and have no idea what you are doing, you will get moved in to management?  These acquisitions could have worked well, but I don't think FLIR management executed on them like they needed to...all too common in this industry.  Seems like a topic for a new article...what a security company could be if management understood this industry?


It is not just the security industry where this happens.

The Dilbert Principle dates to the mid-90's, and it was not a new concept even then, and certainly not limited to specific industries/businesses.


Just throwing crap out there, wonder if Pelco would consider buying the DVTel VMS at least. Keep it alive and maybe add some re-invigoration to Pelco. If not, what other manufacturer might have a weak VMS or none, but could use one....?

Anyone think HIK, Dahua, or Arecont would look to purchase...or Vivotek, perhaps? 

I think it could be interesting for Hikvision or Dahua as it would give them an established Western VMS, a gap in their current portfolio and they could easily afford it.

Given Arecont's much smaller size and Vivotek's ongoing acquisition, I think those two would be less likely to acquire DVTel.

wonder if Pelco would consider buying the DVTel VMS

I think that is extremely unlikely since Pelco have been spending heavily internally developing their new VideoXpert.

I am very curious on the production costs for the FLIR thermal imagers and how much FLIR is trying to protect the margins on the thatside. All of their acquisitions would make sense if they could push a decent resolution thermal sensor as a value add / distinguishing feature or stand alone product. I would certainly pay a premium for a camera and software that had a combined video output + thermal imager and for a VMS that could combine the two.

The Lorex acquisition I just don't understand. Why not take that money and make their FLIR FX line competitive.

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