Dahua Massive American Expansion

By John Honovich, Published May 04, 2015, 12:00am EDT

Dahua did $1.1 billion USD revenue last year, making it way larger than Axis and only trailing their domestic rival Hikvision.

However, Dahua remains far behind both Axis and Hikvision in North American.

Now, Dahua is ramping up a massive American expansion. In this note, we dig into what is happening, what jobs are available and what impact this may have on the American market.

Dahua's Historic Problems

In many parts of the world, and especially North America, Dahua has never sold under its own brand, leaving sales and marketing to third parties (e.g., Q-See, Honeywell and more recently FLIR).

At the same time, Hikvision has rapidly built up a larger North American presence with 100+ local employees and a $100+ million operation.

Though Dahua has similar products, technology and pricing to Hikvision, the lack of its own local sales and marketing organization has really hurt them. As our Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing Ground 2014 report, showed, Hikvision was surging but Dahua was nowhere to be found, a problem we attribute primarily to local presence.

Dahua American Expansion

Dahua is now hiring more than a dozen individuals in the US / North America, including a Chief Operating Officer, Director / VP of National Sales, Marketing Manager and many more.

Dahua confirmed that these positions were available but evidently pulled them from their careers page [link no longer available] after we asked Dahua about this.

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Dahua already has a few North American-based employees, including a CA-based business development manager [link no longer available] and a FL-based product manager [link no longer available].

However, with the planned new hires, it would significantly expand / fill out their organization. Even with 15 to 20 people, it would certainly not match Hikvision, Avigilon, Axis, etc. but it would at least provide them a foundation for them to sell directly.

Dahua Marketing Challenges

Dahua is overall bad at marketing (e.g., Dahua Attacks Hikvision) and, from what we can tell, nervous about offending their existing OEM base.

On the other hand, if Dahua does not build its own local organization, it risks getting blown away by Hikvision internationally. The largest companies in a market cannot and do not depend on third party OEMs to build their business. They need to build their brand and provide a unified front / organization to efficiently sell and support customers, like their top competitors do.

Update September 2015

Dahua is definitely hiring but still struggling to scale up. See: Why Would Anyone Work At Dahua USA?

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