'Defiant' Hikvision 'Strikes Back' At WSJ And US

By John Honovich, Published Jan 16, 2018, 01:03pm EST

The fight is on.

Hikvision and their owner, the Chinese government, 'strikes back' against the Wall Street Journal and US politicians raising concerns about Hikvision.

In this note, we examine Hikvision and the Chinese government's response and why this is likely to increase political tensions and practical problems for the Chinese government-owned manufacturer.

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Vote / ****

Comments (9)

Why is that previous statement from the Chinese Gov not more widely known?


"China's reliance on foreign surveillance equipment, standards and software may threaten the country's security, said government officials."

 Think about that. Let it sink in.

Why is this not a big freaking hairy deal? Why is anyone who says one concerned syllable about hik ostracised when they say the same statement about the US????


Hypocrite much?

Why is that previous statement from the Chinese Gov not more widely known?

That is a good point. To my credit, I found it some time ago. However, I have not been sure when or how to work it in, giving the variety of issues at play. Now that Hikvision is raising issues or fairness and bias of the US government, I think the Chinese government's position here is germane. I will feature this in its own upcoming post. Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.

Which is ironic on many levels, considering Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other American technology companies are banned or crippled inside of China...

That's because they won't bow to the Chinese government to give unfettered access to invading their users' privacy and they won't censor criticism of the Chinese communist party and the Chinese government.

Let that sink in. They EXPECT and DEMAND that companies operating within its borders to ASSIST in the oppression and violation of their peoples' rights.

There is little chance that their state-run enterprise doesn't also assist in their foreign policy ambitions as well.

Sort of like RT being listed as a Foreign Agent given it's owned by Russia.  I actually had never heard of it until a 60 Minutes episode weeks ago. I had to check my channel list, turns out I have the channel (321 on DirecTV).  Maybe that is the next step with Chinese Govt. owned companies such as HIK?  Force them to register as foreign agents?

The poll is intentionally divisive and I think a third option would be best. I think there should be a "Meh..." option. I know for sure it won't help them, but not sure how much damage it will cause either....

It should say "the end users won't care"

Depends on the end user.  A local convenience store won't care.  A residential user likely won't care.  Enterprise users and many of the larger SMB clients will certainly care.

Does anyone know if the Chinese have a word for Hypocrisy? They're more racist than Trump hahahaha. It's been proven they're dumping (illegal) to destroy our current market and replace it with more Chinese distributors that sell for 5% markup. It's been proven they charge their Chinese brothers less than the Americans whom first imported and built their garbage brand.

I'm glad this fight is happening though, the installers and end-users need to know about these higher level/macro, often hidden, truths. Maybe one day the American government will subsidize USA manufacturing. If we had the same backing from our government we could make a product that actually works well, and might even innovate and improve the damn things.



pronounced  "Jiǎyì"

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