Camera Finder Released

By John Honovich, Published Nov 03, 2014, 12:00am EST

The new Camera Finder revolutionizes camera selection.

Search across 2100+ cameras for 40 criteria, immediately returning precise matches so you can find the best fit for your specific needs.

This 90 second video shows what it can do for you:

The Camera Finder joins the Calculator and News Spider as part of IPVM's expanding suite of software tools.

The power of the Finder comes from being able to select any combination of criteria and instantly returning matches across thousands of cameras from dozens of manufacturers.

Examples of Searches

To get a sense of what you can do with the Finder, here are some example searches:

There are literally millions of combinations that you can choose from.

Try the Camera Finder yourself here.

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Have feedback? Want new models? New features? Found a bug?

Just leave a comment below or to and we will take a look.

Like we made numerous improvements and expansions to the Calculator, we will certainly do the same here.

I assume WDR is an upcoming option?

We used to track WDR based on dBs, which is what manufacturers most typically list on their datasheets. The problem with that is (1) it is hard to trust and compare since some manufacturers take liberties / lie and (2) manufacturers make up marketing terms that obfuscate what their WDR does.

What we are planning to do is to change our WDR tracking to true / false for multi-exposure WDR (which is what we have found in our testing to be 'true' WDR).

Expect that to be implemented by the end of this month. We know many manufacturers already, but we will need to verify which models are multi-exposure, etc.

[UPDATED - WDR Searching Added.]

Is the price point MSRP?

Edit: Nevermind.

The price points are typically online (including a link to online sources), expect for the rare manufacturer who does not sell online. If they do not sell online and they have tightly restricted availability (like Avigilon), we use MSRP as the input.

Thank you for this great tool!

Feature request:

Lens = varifocal option and a button to reset all fields

Joe, when you say lens = varifocal option, you mean a filter that only shows cameras that support varifocal lenses? I think that's what you mean. If so, it is a good idea and we can easily add.

I agree on the reset all fields button. One can refresh the page but it would be useful to have an easy on screen button. Thanks!

sorry for the brevity and yes, that is exactly what I meant.

Thanks again, this saves time over checking a few mnfr's product selector page and reading reviews/comparisons on IPVM

I see PoE, HPoE, Any, and None options under Power>PoE Support. PoE+ missing on purpose?

We are using HPoE to refer to the same thing as PoE+

We changed the term to PoE+. We also added 802.3af and 802.3at so that there is no confusion about what we are referring to.

Cross referencing to tests: We have 290+ tests, with easily 100+ camera models. We are going to add a link / label on the results table for each model that has a test result. This should be up next week after we associate them all.

How reliable this data is?
How frequently is this updated?
How do you update it at all, can you share?( manually?)
What if I'm a camera manufacture and want to get into your list. How do I do it ?

Reliability: There's over 2,000 cameras and 40 metrics per cameras, so that means 80,000+ data points. Overall, I think it's quite reliable, but with so many data, there will be some mistakes. If you find any please report and we will fix immediately.

Updated: We added/updated 1800+ in the past month. We manually update it periodically.

If you are a camera manufacturer that we have not covered, you can submit a spreadsheet / template.

Thank you for this. In those circumstances where we are brand agnostic this is a phenomenal utility.

A few known bugs that we are fixing today:

  • PoE filtering is broken
  • non ONVIF cameras are being displayed as 1.x in results

Also, there are a number of enhancements in queue, as described above.

[UPDATE: Both are solved.]

This is a great tool, but I can't seem to move past the first page? (next, last buttons don't seem to work or it's user error, which is always possible)

Wayne, sorry, we made some changes to pagination display yesterday and broke out. We will get it fixed asap today.

No worries, we (infinias/Digiop) are in test on pretty complete Onvif Profile-S support and would love to use this as a camera reference to work through and test to make sure we've gotten it right for as many brands as possible, so thanks for all the hard work.

Pagination is fixed. Thanks.

Works great, thanks! My test was to look for HIKVision ONVif Profile S. And see there aren't any. Do you have any insight on them and planned support?

Also, are you interested in VMS manufacturer feedback on cameras to help with keeping this list current? If so how would you like it provided?

Great tool, very useful to quickly find a camera base on specification. The only thing I would like to see is a few selections for WDR.

Bravo guys!!! this is a huge time saver for me, keep up the great work!!

Very cool tool! This was also helpful when looking at different focal lengths, imager sizes, and other key specs we have discussed in class thur far. It makes choosing camera brands/types based on cost and needs essentially mindless.

IPVM team, I think this is a great start for many. There are so many camera options in the market place today with 1000's more coming from overseas manufacturers. Even with the slight bug fixes and updates to keep content fresh, I have not seen a tool that comes close in comparison to what you have provided here for the integrator community. Great job!

The ONVIF search doesn't seem to be working quite right. If you just select ACTi as an example because they have cameras categorized as both Profile S and 1.x, selecting 1.x returns Profile S cameras and selecting Profile S doesn't return anything. But overall you get results for both but all listed as 1.x

Wayne, thanks for finding this. It is a data input error on our part. Derek based it on reading the manufacturer specification (looking for Profile S). He is immediately re-doing to base it on what is listed on the ONVIF official list. I'll update here when this is complete.

ONVIF support has been fixed / updated.

Oh God, this is simply awesome !

Excellent work IPVM Team, hats off !!!

Just great! Thank you so much.

Still small ONVIF issue on dahua CVI Cameras

Analogue camera with ONVIF support ;)

BTW, in the camera list, it says "ONVIF - none", but not on product page.

Anyway, thanks again for this!


Thanks. We'll get that fixed asap.

We just added in non IP cameras (CVI, TVI, SDI, etc.) and we needed to update the logic on the display page. Thanks again for pointing that out.

[UPDATE - Fixed]

3 question

1. Auto-focus - means all continous or motored?

2. Will calculator feed itself off of finder, so can see from calc any rich detail?

3. We like camera thumb pictures, can you?

4. Swift and good job!

1. Auto focus is any camera that can be remotely triggered to refocus without a person at the camera adjusting focus by hand.

2. We can add a link from finder results to calculator. Good idea.

3. Where would the thumbnail pic go? On the table of results or on the linked product page? Or perhaps as a popover when one hovers over model name? I am trying to figure out hiw to make it fit in the UI.

4. Thanks!

Half all cameras are then auto-focus? It seemed alot too much. But maybe i have old cameras.

Since asked let me tell my untested thought.

Special graphic mode for anyone who struggles with english more than i.

Show form factor with little icon, box, bullet

Show lens longness with horiz. bar line, longer or short, depends

Show resolution with rectangle, bigger or smaller, depends

Easier to compare than reading character digits

Just a toggler mode to get at the words, back and forth

Added: now you can clear any criteria or all criteria just by clicking the clear all or x next to each individual criteria.

Note to manufacturers: if you are not included it is because we prioritized entry based on this list: Ranking 95 Surveillance Manufacturers Interest.

We will add more. Contact Derek and he will show you how we enter in cameras.


Another bit of info that would be helpful for those of us who have to install cameras is whether or not they have a whip or an onboard connection. Sometimes you are surface mounting a camera on brick and need to account for the whip. If it is easier to find a camera without a whip (or removable) then it could make our life easier as installers. I know that it's usually well covered in your articles, so maybe that data is already known for models you have reviewed.

Jon, I started a new discussion to get more input on this: What Camera Installation Features Are Important To You?

WDR camera tracking has been added to the finder. Under the imaging tab, one can now filter only cameras that support multi-exposure WDR. Thanks for the input!

See: WDR Manufacturer Cheat Sheet and Camera Tracking

We added infinite scrolling to the Camera Finder Results display. Previously, it was paginated and required clicking 'next' and reloading the page, etc. Now, you can just keep on scrolling down and new cameras will appear. The usability is a lot better.

Here's an example of quickly scrolling through 89 cameras:

Just added: in addition to searching by varifocal or fixed focal, you can now search for specific AoVs and focal lengths. Check it out.


We found a discrepency on a Hik camera today. The Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I does not have an auto focus feature. We were searching for a model from Hik with auto focus under $500 and this model showed up in the results.

[This is fixed]

Suggestion: camera finder could use "Audio" as a search parameter, with maybe sub-parameters as "One way", "Bidirectional" and "Built in Mic" as options.

Love the camera finder! I agree that audio would be a great search feature. Doing this sort of attempted search on the internet is very time consuming.

On audio, we have this search built-in:

Sorry for not responding to Luis sooner. This should meet the request, no?


The finder contains both Analog cameras and SD cameras, yet no Analog SD cameras. Intentionally I assume; since most Analog cameras are SD and most SD cameras are Analog, you would otherwise expect to see some.

Any thought to adding a few? Maybe a few old school 'reference' models or a couple 960H ones?

People transitioning from Analog SD might benefit from being able compare with models they're familiar with.

Assuming its just a matter of asking the manufacturers to include the data. Is the import process of model specification data from the manufacturers fairly automated or is there still a lot of massaging necessary?

No adding SD camera models.

First, no one who is actually transitioning from analog SD has ever asked for this.

Second, if someone wants to compare / evaluate SD, they can toggle between VGA resolution option and different MP ones on the Calculator to see the difference.

I was asking for a different reason, though not a very important one, namely after seeing that some well known manufacturers are still releasing SD Analog models, I was trying to gauge how the war on Analog(SD) was proceeding.

Have you come across any data lately showing the estimated penetration of MP in new camera sales, either by volume or by dollar? Are we at 50% by dollar yet, do you think?

Who is releasing new SD analog cameras?

Also, this is off topic. Feel free to start a new discussion. This should only be about the Camera Finder.

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