Babel Street has one of the worst websites I have ever seen for a tech company.

It may or may not be a great product (I do not know) but the website really hurts it:

  • The website is literally one page only.
  • The product page section has very little information. It lists 5 paragraphs over a total of 13 paragraphs. It is hard to understand what they do or how they do it or what it includes.
  • There is no information on who the management is, if or how they are qualified. This is important to establish credibility. It just says this:

  • There is NO news news or press section to give any indication that this is an active company or that they are making progress or still in business.
  • Their explainer video is cryptic and does not explain or motivate why to use their offering. Related, their YouTube channel only has that 1 video from nearly 4 years ago.

I would assume they do a lot of selling direct to large customers but having a bad website reduces confidence and makes it harder for sales people.