Axis Network Radar Detector Overview

By: Brian Karas, Published on Apr 05, 2017

Axis continues its expansion into new product categories, this time with a network radar detector that Axis says reduces false alarms.

In this note, we share feedback from Axis, examining the product's features, pricing, benefits, and limitations.

**** ********* *** ********* **** new ******* **********, **** time **** * ******* radar ******** **** **** says ******* ***** ******.

** **** ****, ** share ******** **** ****, examining *** *******'* ********, pricing, ********, *** ***********.


D2050-VE ********

******** *** ******* ************, the *****-** **** * 24Ghz********* ********* ********** **** radar, ** ****** ******* within *** ******** ****. It *** ****** ******** objects **************, *** **** not **** *** ******* to ******** ******* ****** rough ****, ******* **** it *** ** **** to ****** ***** *******, but ***** ********* ******** a ***** *** * large ****** **** ** a **** ** ** roughly **********.

******** **************:

  • ** ***** / *** Foot *****
  • ***°-***° ********** ******** (***** spec ** ** ********** upon *******)
  • *********** ******** ****** ** 4 ****** / ** Feet

** ** ******* *** PoE *** *** ****' ARTPEC-6 ****, ******** ** to *** **** ** Vapix ************. **** **** they ********* **** *** manufacturer ** *** ***** component, *** ********* ******** the ******* ** *****.

***** ** ** **** marketing ******* **** ************ the ******** **** / common *********** ** *** radar:

Price *** ******* ****

**** ** $***, **** a ********* ******** **** in ********* ****. **** says **** **** **** select ***** ********* *** development *** ******* ******* for ********* ******.

Use *****

**** *********** *** ***** for "****** ***** **** should ** ***** ****** off-hours". ******** ******** *** dealerships, ************ *****, ***** treatment/critical ************** *****, ** large ****** ****** **** warehouses. *** ******* ** intended ** ******* ******/****** based ** *** ***** detecting * ******, ** other ***** ****** ******, and **** *** *** correlates *** ***** **** a ****** *** ********* video.

** ***** *** ***** to ****** ***** ****** objects ******* ** **-****** VMD, **** **** **** false ********* ** ******** alarms *** ** ******* reduced, ****** ********* ******* more *********.

PTZ ****-******

********* ** ****, *** D2050 *** ** ****** with * ***, ***** object ******** **** **** the ******** ** **** to **** *** *** to ****** *** ******, or ***-******** ** *** the ******** ** *** visual ************ ******.

No ****** ****** ***********

*** ***** **** *** integrate ******** **** * camera, *** ******* ****** on *** ***** *** automation ** ********* ***** notifications ** *** ****** camera(s) ******** *** **** where *** ***** ********.

New "* ******"

**** **** **** ******* in ***** ***** ******* "D ******", *** "*********". Though **** **** *** announced ***** *** *** other ******** ***** ********, this **** ******** **** Axis *** ** *********** developing ***** ***** ** non-camera ****** *******.

Compared ** ***** ******* *********

***** ***** ******* ** *******-********* ****** detector ********. *** ******* ***'* range ** ***** **** ~$500-$750, ******* *** **** limited ** ***** ** zones/accuracy **** **** * Far, ******, **** ***** output. *** ***** ****** ******* ***** *** * ******* ******* coverage **** **** ******** zones, *** ** ~$*,*** street *****.

************ **** ** * ******* ******* 24Ghz ******* ***** ****** detector. ** *** * 3x ****** ********* ***** (150 ******), *** * narrower ******** **** ** 90° **********.  

Compared ** ***** *********

*** ***** ****** ** easier ** ******* **** most ********* ********, ** it *** ********** *** tunable **********, ********* ** Axis. *******, ** ***** the ******* ** ****** precise ***** ***** ** the **** ** **** wires ** ******* ** interest, *** ****** ** functions **** ********* ** direction ** ****** ******, though ***** *** *********** be ***** ******* * 3rd ***** **** ***********. In ********, ***** ***** analytics ******* ***** ******* the ******** **** * visual ********* ** *** object ******* *** *****, usually ** *** **** of * *** ** blue *** ****** *** object, *** ***** ******** no **** ****** *********** to **** ******* ****** indicators.  ** ******* ******* conditions, ***** *** ***** is **** ****, **** may ***** ********* ** strain ** ********* ** the ***** ******** ******** an ********, *********** ********* in ********* ********** ***** alarms ** ***** ******.

Vote / ****


Comments (41)

PIR relies on the direct reception of (infrared) waves, not on receiving a bounced-back signal. This limits detection to things that are generating heat, like people, animals, engines, batteries etc.  This eliminates many false triggers.

Is that a concern with 24Ghz radar?

I'd love to see IPVM compare the AXIS radar detection system alongside the Mobotix radar detection system and any other similar radar systems from other manufacturers. The market for outdoor intrusion detection systems that work better than what is currently available, and at lower pricing, is going to grow rapidly, IMO. 


Thanks for the suggestion on the Mobotix radar detection system. We do plan to test radar systems this summer or fall and when we do we will include Mobotix's as its uncommon enough to warrant coverage.

@john Are there any plans to do a comparison between the Axis and Mobotix radar systems this year?

good move for Axis

Agreed :) Needs longer range. I wonder how it compares to theradar and laser products from optex or GJD?

...and it doesn't do OSDP, because of course a radar detector would be tied to a VMS not a PACS.   ???

...and it doesn't do OSDP, because of course a radar detector would be tied to a VMS not a PACS. ???

What should it tell the PACS, "Lock the Door"?

What if the business across the street uses one also?  Do they interfere?

No, they should not interfere with each other. Similarly, multiple units at the same site will not interfere with each other.


Wondering. Based on my (three different) vehicle radar detectors and driving down the street I get warnings from the auto door openers on hardware stores, Markets etc.

The actual range for opening those doors are adjusted to a close proximity and never react to my vehicle passing by.

So then how for does the signal of this product go beyond the active detection range that MAY be a warning to an intruder with a (calibrated?) detecting device?

Note: Not suggesting that vehicle radar IS the detection device.

So then how for does the signal of this product go beyond the active detection range that MAY be a warning to an intruder with a (calibrated?) detecting device?

Probably pretty far.  But since the beam is directed downward, those stray signals would most likely be multiply reflected, which would significantly obscure its point source origin until you were actually in the "FOV".

On the other hand could a K-band speed trap give a whole street false alarms?

"But since the beam is directed downward, those stray signals would most likely be multiply reflected"

Sounds reasonable. Although it seems that the reflected signal disbursement would depend on the surface material. Concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass. etc. Looks to be a question the manufacturer should provide a definitive answer too.

"On the other hand could a K-band speed trap give a whole street false alarms?"

K, Ka, X, S Band? I'm guessing that most radar detectors should light up if in line of sight and up to a couple miles without any interference. Then again, mine goes off in a 40x60 steel building with the doors closed. Mostly a 1 (low) and sometimes a 4 with 5 being the highest (read closest). Interference?

So then what's "speed trap" OR a "false alarm"? Around here a radar signal is just that, whether the source is at a stand still or moving down the road.

K, Ka, X, S Band? I'm guessing that most radar detectors should light up if in line of sight and up to a couple miles without any interference.

I mentioned K band because it is ~24Ghz.  On the left coast I rarely see it anymore though, just Ka and laser.

If there is any single product begging for an IPVM test, this is it.

This is exciting to see, especially since we use Axis cameras at all of our locations. We tested Dynetics GroundAware as well as SpotterRF for our power plants and ended up settling on Dynetics due to its ability to classify radar tracks along with its much longer range than SpotterRF. The price point on this Axis radar makes it a lot more attractive for smaller sites like substations etc, which don't require such long ranges.

You may not be aware but at SpotterRF we have a AI Neural Net option that has been successful at classifying targets, including animals, people and vehicles

With 9 different radars with ranges from 130 m to 1350 m for a walking person we have all the options that an Electrical Utility needs to protect anything from a drop yard to the waterway by a nuclear facility all with radars that weigh less than 4 lbs and mounts on existing, poles, building and even trees.

SpotterRF is pleased to be the de facto standard in compact surveillance radar. With nearly a decade of leadership in this space, SpotterRF is used worldwide for critical infrastructure perimeter security. With growing threats to our nation’s power grid, SpotterRF radar now protects 7 of the 10 largest electrical utilities in the U.S. 

Axis Communications’ entrance into the compact radar market is a validation of SpotterRF’s direction and leadership in the use of surveillance radar for commercial security. Although their unit is only viable for the smallest of applications, Axis validates the need for radar detection in all outdoor perimeter systems by producing such a radar. We continue to work with Axis, integrating their leading camera technology with SpotterRF industry leading advanced radar technology.


We continue to work with Axis, integrating their leading camera technology with SpotterRF industry leading advanced radar technology.

Is this Axis unit an OEM from SpotterRF or joint venture of any sort?

Not sure but a unit that Optex/Fiber Sensys showed is.

What is the MSRP of the SpotterRF unit with 130M range?

Update: MSRP changed from $1,299 to $999, based on feedback from Axis.

You have any idea what would be the deal cost then?

Our company RBtec Perimeter Security Systems showed also a solid state laser based radar (LIDAR) that will be competing in the same market and same price range which will be cheaper than Optex solutions.

The unit will be PoE as well and it will be designed for indoor/outdoor commercial and industrial applications where we successfully sell our Ironclad fence alarm system. The unit will be able to connect with either up to 8 dry contacts for 8 separate zones software controlled or integration to camera and alarm systems.

The current pre-production was a 50m/164ft unit while the final one will be closer to 100/330ft

Dori, is there anymore info on your LIDAR system?


Below is an Axis marketing graphic from ISC West that demonstrates the coverage area / common application of the radar:

You got to love semi fake marketing... So the radar doesn't see the car? or does it see through it? 

If the car isn't moving it will likely be ignored by radar

Right but then the detection range is blocked beyond it too.

Which begs the question. What does/doesn't it see in a FULL or multiple vehicles in the  parking lot?

Very few locations have a live overhead shot like the one shown in the example. That is most likely a Google Earth-style image used as a reference, taken when the vehicle was not parked there.

Vehicles, or other large metal objects, would likely make the area behind them a dead zone as far as detection goes though.

Just to add, SpotterRF CK10 is 10K and more! Too much for small size installation.

Here is a clip in Axis camera station 


Great video but again with other radar demonstrations, the background is completely static.

No wind, no other moving objects and pretty much the easiest detection possible.
All sensors work great in good weather/perfect conditions the questions how it performs in a more challenging environment/weather.

These have some obstructions. 



Obstructions, no moving objects other than the person.
No moving trees, no animals, no cars in the background, no rain, no snow, no fences moving in the wind or any item that might cause false positive which is the main problem with Radars.

I love radars and the direction this is going but on the other hand those videos always show best case scenario at best but i get it, it's a marketing video.

Any idea how this device does with mammals and birds?

I'm curious why you asked this. We're using a different product this year and our Environmental Department asked if it has the ability to track medium sized birds. We're supposed to be helping protect a bunch of sea bird species around our facilities, and apparently we have to report their activity. They want me to provide raw airborne target data for analysis if the radar can pick it up. Are you dealing with similar requests or are you just concerned about false positives from wildlife?

I'm just concerned about false positives from the little wildlife.

Is there IP alarm based signaling besides the provided I/O's? If so, is it something that's generic like ONVIF that can be read by most ONVIF compliant systems like a VMS, or require a specific driver written?

More info on Axis's website including install manual:

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