Axis P3225 Mk II Tested Vs. Original

Published Jun 20, 2017 11:55 AM

Axis has released a number of 'Mk II' versions of their cameras, which are the same fundamental camera but with specific improvements.

We tested the P3225-LVE dome camera in 2016. More recently, Axis released the P3325-LVE Mk II, claiming improved low light performance with Lightfinder and extended IR range.

We bought and tested the P3225-LVE Mk II against the original model to see how it compares. Below are the two cameras, which outwardly are physically indistinguishable (Mk II on the left):


Axis' P3225-LVE Mk II improved low light performance over the original model, with longer IR range, more even illumination, and better details at longer ranges, all at a moderately lower price point, more competitive with low cost models.

Other features, such as full light, WDR, and bitrate performance remain essentially unchanged.


The P3225-LVE Mk II sells for ~$100 less than the original model, ~$600 USD online vs. $700. This pricing is more competitive with low cost competitors such as Hikvision, whose roughly equivalent dome sells for ~$550 online.

Longer IR Range

The Mk II camera is specified for 5m additional IR range, 30m vs. 25 in the original P3225. In our tests, it exceeded this spec, illuminating to 33-35m/~110-115'. 

In the comparison below, the subject is shown at approximately 100', visible in the Mk II but difficult to spot in the original model. Note that no details are delivered at this FOV width, as PPF is low (~11).

For comparison, clips of the P3225 Mk II and original are shown below.

In this video of the Mk II, the subject begins walking at ~150', becoming clearly visible around 110-115'.

By contrast, the original P3225 does not clearly display the subject until about ~85-90'.

Readers may download these clips in a ~40 MB .zip file.

Mk II More Even IR Illumination

The P3225-LVE MkII produced more even IR coverage than the original, shown below. The original P3225 model suffered from a significant center hotspot and dark edges.

Improved Low Light Details

At close range, the MKII suffers from slight overexposure, obscuring the smaller lines of the test chart below, as well as some fine subject details such as clothing, though his face is still easily recognizable. 

At further range, the subject is slightly more recognizable in the P3225 MKII, with some text on lines two and three of the chart legible, better details than displayed in the original P3225.

Daytime Similar

Daytime performance is very similar between the Mk II and original model, with similar details, color, and contrast.


Firmware Versions

The following firmware version were used in testing:

  • Axis P3225-LVE Mk II: 6.55.2 
  • Axis P3225-LVE: 
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