Chinese OEM Avycon Gets ADI Push

By IPVM Team, Published Aug 15, 2018, 12:27pm EDT

Who is Avycon?

An American company? A Korean company? A couple of guys relabelling Chinese products? The latter is the best explanation.

While Avycon has nearly no name recognition, they are getting a push from ADI who declared Avycon one of '7 top brands', along with now US government banned Hikvison and Dahua (ex-FLIR inventory):

In this note, we examine who Avycon is, who they are OEMing from, what ADI is doing and what the future may hold for the company.

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Comments (29)

The only thing Korean about Avycon is their employees... and of course you know the rest of the story.

TVT makes good products.  They were LTS's OEM before they switched to HIK about 3-4 years ago.  Wonder if LTS will consider switching back to them? 


The LTS/HIK relationship is very close now; like literally...

LTS: 18738 San Jose Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748


Longse is around the corner from them too 

I guess that depends on your definition of "around the corner"

While TVT is on the high end in terms of quality when it comes to Shenzhen manufacturers, they have had a serious repeating issue with most of their DVRs and some of their NVRs. 

It is known by TVT customers as the 'freeze problem'.

As the name suggests, the device gets stuck on the startup screen. The only way to fix it is using a dev kit TVT gives you that connects to your PCs RS233 port to the DVR mainboard. 

The same problem is reported on at least one model with every batch since 2010. It is the reason TVT lost LTS and some of their European OEM customers.

KCE- Korea Communication Electronics


Thank you John

I think your right John only plausible explanation is to diversify away from Hikvision and Dahua. Or someone personally at ADi/Honeywell is getting a kickback or both, wouldn't be the first time.

Our company first made contact with TVT in 2006 in the Hong Kong electronics fair. I still have their catalogue!

I've been personally in contact with them since 2009.

I can tell you that they are dying to promote their own TVT brand instead of relying on their OEM costumers, especially in the US and UK markets.

This news is so strange.

Abaas, thanks for sharing. I don't know why TVT is not promoting their own brand in the US but, from speaking with different Chinese manufacturers, the main considerations seem to be (1) how expensive sales and marketing in the US is and (2) lack of company personnel from China with the language / cultural expertise to come over.

I am thinking about what Chinese video surveillance companies have pushed their own brand in the US. Maybe just 5 total - Hikvision, Dahua obviously; Uniview but with only small distributors and no real local employee presence; Milesight but still very rarely hear about them; and Longse with a minor presence. All in all, still seems like a hard go for Chinese manufacturers selling their own brand in the US.

"Milesight but still very rarely hear about them" - that's a shame. I was hoping they would succeed in the US. They deserve it. I love their hardware.

Thanks for another informative article

What I am trying to understand is

Why is ADI not going direct to TVT

This move makes no sense to me at all

Unless Avycon is simply a front for TVT

What would be the point of this open secret, as you mentioned

We are in 2018 there are no secrets 

A company with 4 employees selling to ADI, a billion dollar global distributor

There has to be infrastructure behind them, sales, logistics, tech support etc etc



Why is ADI not going direct to TVT

TVT has no real US sales and support infrastructure. The advantage of Avycon is that they at least have 4 (or however many) people who are actually in the US, speak fluent English, go to ADI expos, etc.

This is the same problem for Uniview. I could understand why ADI would not carry them given that they have no permanent US local presence.

Exactly, Why would ADI go direct with TVT? Because it's cheaper? But what about added cost of offering their own Techsupport, Warranty and possibility of getting sued if something goes wrong?

Passing this onto to so called manufacturer "Avycon" is wiser choice in my opinion from ADI.

By the way, John Lee from Avycon, real nice guy, works hard. He's not a newbie to this industry. At least 10+ experiences. Used to work at C&B USA, then VP @ CRC Video Solutions, then started this venture with David @ Big Cart about 5 years ago. And yes, John & David, they are both Korean.  Actually import products from Korea as well but due to cost, TVT is popular.

Big Cart also OEM Uniview as well. 

It's interesting to point out that IPVM is talking about Avyon though. Real small player compared to big boys like Hik, Dahua, and etc. 

#7, good feedback, informative!

It's interesting to point out that IPVM is talking about Avyon though. Real small player compared to big boys like Hik, Dahua, and etc.

Lol, it was definitely the ADI promotions for Avycon. It is a testament to ADI's power.

Starting to see Avycon locally at AlarMax as well. Should be interesting to see how this develops over the next couple of months. 

"Exactly, Why would ADI go direct with TVT? Because it's cheaper? But what about added cost of offering their own Techsupport, Warranty and possibility of getting sued if something goes wrong?

Passing this onto to so called manufacturer "Avycon" is wiser choice in my opinion from ADI."


So, you are saying that 'the infrastucture' of just FOUR people at Avycon can handle all the back-end inherent to being a national supplier to ADI?

Not to mention - those same FOUR people have to also handle all the front-end stuff and run around the U.S. attending ADI expos?.

Seems implausible.



So, you are saying that 'the infrastucture' of just FOUR people at Avycon can handle all the back-end inherent to being a national supplier to ADI?

Maybe. That's 4 people listed on LinkedIn, let's say they have a few more junior people who don't have LinkedIn profiles.

They don't manufacturer. They don't develop software. Inventory is sent to ADI who handles shipping, etc. How many people do you really need in that case? A couple of people in sales, a couple in support, done.

As for being a 'national' supplier, not sure how much they are actually selling at this point, but reasonable that it is far less than other 'national' companies.

i agree with you that 'cut out' firms like Avycon limit their need for human capital for the reasons you mention - since they are not actually manufacturers of anything beyond marketing copy with their logo on it.

However, back-end support for anyone with national distribution will not be able to be handled by a 'couple of guys in support'.


Clearly they are going the LTS route of confusing the customers and deferring real answers to just make the sale. The benefit here is that in my history with using TVT OEM'd equipment (typically NVRs and IP cams) that the quality to price point ratio was great for your basic 16 cameras or less installations.

So i guess this means no smart codecs on this one as well.  

As a state government, we are overprotective to our networks. We have standardized on a Milestone environment with multiple integrators. The issue that we have in some state agencies have gone to their local telco for cameras. There is a company that continues to push this camera manufacturer and I have provided information back using the information in this article. Attached is the form letter that they sent back. Basically stating the exact points above.

It would be fair to ask them specifically:

Which SoC is used in the cameras

Where are the cameras are manufactured (eg: what country)

Who owns the manufacturing facility 


This is the actual body of the email that form letter was attached too.

I think much of it comes down to how you interpret the purpose of the ban.

My interpretation is that it is centered around cyber security, and concerns that the products could be used at some point for any kind of cyber attack (eg: internal network infiltration, external DDoS botnet, etc.).

There are two core risks with Chinese cameras, if you are of a similar mindset:

1) Firmware developed in China, running general device functions, which could contain any kind of malware

2) Firmware developed in China, running internally on the SoC (eg: Huawei/HiSilicon parts).

Item #1 is *somewhat* manageable via firmware decryption/decompilation and review or analysis.

Item #2 is effectively impossible to fully analyze, as the code is in the chip, and generally not delivered via firmware upgrades or external files that can be independently analyzed in any way.

Even though Item #1 is technically able to be analyzed, vendors makes it difficult to do so (for both legitimate, and illegitimate purposes, IMO). Hikvision's "firmware lab" is an attempt to address Item #1, though they put the onus fully on the analyst to do this and it is somewhat analogous to an easter egg hunt in a swamp, at night.

The easy, and prudent, choice is to avoid cameras with Chinese SoC's (this would mostly be Huawei, but there are likely some other smaller players), regardless of point of manufacture. Technically, a camera with firmware developed in the US, and manufactured in the US, but with a Huawei SoC that also handles network communications, could pose a high cyber security risk.

#11, thanks for sharing! That's technically true, their supplier is not on the list. However, I am not sure TVT is really a step up, all things considered...

We have tried to stick to an Axis or Hanwha requirement but find that agencies are cheap and want to go wherever they can.

Just came across an install of six(6) Avycon cameras/NVR at an HOA. If the lousy installation is at all a reflection of the mindset of those using Avycon, then there's just one more reason not to use this equipment. Has to be one of the top 10 sloppy installs I've seen lately. Beyond the draped cables across the closet, they didn't even bother to clean up, left drywall, insulation and wire clippings lying all around. NVR was wall mounted high and the mouse was just left hanging. BTW, all logins were still left at default. Amazing. They didn't come close to getting what they should have.

I emailed a summary of my thoughts & concerns to the HOA management and president. We'll see what comes of it.

People need to realize that long after price is forgotten, quality of the service and of the product will be remembered.

I doubt the people who do that kind of work are married to one brand. They're most likely picking what ever is on sale at ADI. That week it happened to be Avycon.

I've seen some real shitty installs using Axis. Doesn't mean I'm not going to use Axis.

Now that I am defending Avycon, it's just another in a long list of OEM's, but my judgement would be on the installer, not the product. Though you are right. A shitty install, even of a good product, can leave a bad taste in people's (customers) mouths.

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