Avigilon Hires Long Term Pelco Exec

By: John Honovich, Published on Nov 09, 2015

Here's some good news for Avigilon.

After a rocky summer, Avigilon has nabbed a long term Pelco exec. In this note, we review the move.

****'* **** **** **** for ********.

***** * ***** ******, Avigilon *** ****** * long **** ***** ****. In **** ****, ** review *** ****.


VP ** **** *****

**** ************* ******** ***** ****** 15 ***** ** *****. Dalleske *** ***** ******* marketing, ******* ********** *** business ***********. **** ********, Dalleske, ** ********, *** EMEA ***** *** *****. Now, ** **** ** doing *** **** *** Avigilon.

******** **, ** *** resume *****, * ******* of *** ******** *** a ********* *** ** that.

EMEA ***** **********

***** ***** ******* *** remains ****** *** ********, EMEA / *** ** has **** **** ** a *********, ** ***** most ****** ******* ****:

** ******** / ******** can *** **** **-*********, it **** ** * long *** ** ****** beyond *** ***** / exec ********** **** *** summer.

Pelco ******

***** *** *** *** executive ********** ***** ***, most ******* ********* ** ** ******** CEO **** *** ****** engine ********. **** *** ***** been ******* ** *****'* business ** **** ********** move ****** *** ** as **** ** * concern ** ***** *** transition.


Comments (5)

Am I the only one who read the headline and pictured four guys in black Avigilon-logo jackets and dark glasses, forcing Dalleske into a blacked-out limo in the middle of the night?

Lol, I changed it to 'hires'. I was trying to use a more colorful verb.

Oh well, now my comment just seems silly. (For those who missed it, the headline originally read "Avigilon Nabs Long Term Pelco Exec")

The email notices that comments have been made still say "Nabs", and actually I was thinking a long black Lincoln Towncar, but I think we had the same idea.

Has he been permitted to make a statement to the media yet?

Maybe a picture with him holding up the latest Avigilon newsletter.

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