Average IP Camera Price 2014

By John Honovich, Published May 12, 2014, 12:00am EDT

This note, based on IPVM integrator surveys, reveals:

  • The average price of IP cameras sold
  • The range of average prices of IP cameras sold, across integrators
  • The average price to install and furnish the headend (recorder / storage)
  • The range of average prices for install and headend, across integrators
  • The breakdown of IP camera price vs the price to install and furnish the headend (recorder / storage)
  • The total price of a video surveillance system, by camera

Use the data inside to better estimate and project pricing for IP camera and video surveillance projects.

Total Price By Camera

The average total price per camera was $1,230 USD, which includes the camera itself, and everything else necessary to run the system.

Breakdown of Pricing

The camera itself accounted for roughly 50% of the total cost of the system per camera:

Note: this is the price sold, not the price bought from the manufacturer / distributor. Given real world camera markups average ~35%, this implies the average camera is being bought for ~$450 by integrators for re-sale at an average of ~$615.

The rest of the cost went to everything else such as installation and headend equipment (recording, storage, etc.).

Average Price of IP Camera Sold

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The average price of an IP camera sold was $615, though this ranged significantly, as the chart below shows:

Indeed, integrators tended to clump into selling lower cost cameras in the $300 - $400 range or higher end ones for $800+. This maps to basic feature set / budget cameras and high end professional cameras (super low light, WDR, autofocus, built-in optical zoom, etc.).

Average Price of Install / Headend

The average price to install and provide the headend was $630, though the range of integrator prices was much narrower than the cost of camera, as the chart below shows:

The average pricing here was much lumpier indicating less variation across integrators.

Of course, variation did and can exist, depending on factors like (1) type of VMS / recorder used (free software or simple appliance vs high end VMS), (2) storage (duration / frame rate / resolution) and (3) types of installation (indoor vs outdoor, short range runs vs long distance).


What any given user should pay, of course, depends on their specifics and can vary reasonably between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand per camera.

However, these metrics should give a good baseline for budgeting, projections and estimations.

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