Arecont Vision Declares: "We Don't Have A Partner Program"

By John Honovich, Published Mar 17, 2015, 12:00am EDT

Axis boasts 75,000 partners.

Avigilon touts 2,000 fanatical partners.

Arecont Vision declares that they have no partner program. They believe they have a better approach but is it really?

Instead of a partner program, Arecont Vision uses project registration / 'special pricing', as explained in this video:

'Partners' need to fill out this detailed project registration / 'special pricing' form [link no longer available] for each deal. If accepted, standard discounts of up to 5 points apply.

Uncommon for Manufacturers

This is highly uncommon. Pretty much every manufacturer has standard dealer discount pricing / levels, sometimes called silver, gold, platinum, etc. Each higher tier brings greater discounts off of list. For example, a 'standard' dealer might get 30 points off while a 'premium' dealer may get 40 points off, etc.

Additionally, most manufacturers offer project registration discounts in addition to dealer discount pricing / levels.

Pros and Cons

Set dealer discounts provide clarity and confidence in what pricing dealers can expect. So if an integrator qualifies for 'platinum' they know they will always get X% off, without having to submit paperwork or negotiate each time with the manufacturer.

The plus side of this 'let's make a deal' approach, is that partners who are better at regularly dealmaking with Arecont might save more or make more money.

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