Directory of Alarm Panel Manufacturers

By: Ari Erenthal, Published on Feb 16, 2017

Alarm panels are the central controller of intrusion systems. The following is a list of manufacturers of alarm panels.

This directory only covers commercial manufacturers and omits DIY systems. We also omitted fire-only panel manufacturers. 

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Comments (20)

Might be worth adding in Orisec -

New to the market 

Added! Thanks. 

Not sure if its important (Visonic belongs to Tyco)



Paradox (Canada). Spectra, EVO, EVO HD.

Pima (Israel) - Hunter, Captain

Crow (Israel) - Serenity, Runner

Avgad (Isarel) - AV-XXXX




 Also since Hikvision recently bought a UK alarm system company they should also be here.

Don't remember the name of the company....

It was Pyronix

A few more from Europe : 




Added, thanks!

Inner Range ( : Concept, Integriti, Infiniti

Added, thanks!

For ICT, there are 2 separate lines: the (relatively) smaller Protege WX and the (much) larger Protege GX

Added, thanks!

I'd be interested in seeing a review of Protege GX, since it's an integrated Burg/Access Control platform.  It's always seemed odd to me that, while burglar alarm and access control seem like they would integrate well, there are not that many systems that do both and very few (if any) that do both well.

NOTICE: This comment has been moved to its own discussion: Who Makes Combo Access/ Intrusion Systems?

It's always seemed odd to me that, while burglar alarm and access control seem like they would integrate well, there are not that many systems that do both and very few (if any) that do both well.

This is worth starting a new list just based on this combo.  Standby, I'll backlink the new topic.

Inner Range now also has the Inception web based platform in this space, too.  Like our other products it's integrated Access / Intruder.

 Inner Range Inception


Added, thanks!

Tecom Challenger

Added, thanks. 

Vanderbilt (Former Siemens) SPC

Inim (Italian manufacturer)


Added, thanks. 

Abus (Germany)

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