2021 Access Control Book Released

By Brian Rhodes, Published Dec 29, 2020, 11:29am EST

This is the best, most comprehensive access control book in the world, based on our unprecedented research and testing has been significantly updated for 2021.

Now, all IPVM PRO Members can get it in a single 515+ page e-book, downloadable inside.

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The book consists of 65+ chapters, covering the latest technologies and issues in modern access control systems.

Updated For 2021

This edition has been expanded and updated from previous releases, including sections on:

  • How Access Control Can Help With Coronavirus
  • The Importance of Configuring Access Levels & Schedules
  • Understanding OSDP
  • Overarching Life/Safety Codes
  • Why Using Exit Devices Can Prevent Tragedies
  • Openings like Turnstiles, Revolving Doors, and Parking Gates
  • Integrating Automatic Door Operators
  • Designing Access Control Mantraps
  • Understanding Door Position Switches
  • What To Plan When Replacing / Switching Access
  • How Best To Replace Insecure 125 kHz Cards
  • The Open Access Controller Guide (Axis, HID, Isonas, Mercury)

In all, more than 30 chapters have been updated or added to this year's book.

Table of Contents

Here is everything inside the book:

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Comments (4)

great content! good job! 

 Good Morning,

I can't download from the link either. Rakesh's link didn't work for me either.

Thank you,


Hello Craig - The link worked for me after checking your comment.  You can try here.  It will download a PDF to your downloads folder (Ctrl + J).  Please let me know how else I can help - jscanlan@ipvm.com

awesome find!


Congrats to you and your team. First rate, unbiased content. Thank you for your efforts.



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