I've been using the ISONAS systemfor a while. it just works. . Else it will do most everything your customer needs to do and more.Coupled with new PoE+Switches that have become available and at a morethan reasonable price this makes for anincredibly flexible solution. Easy to install (run one Cat 5 to the reader) and reliable ( so far keeping my finger corssed :) ). Software is stable and very light. Will likely rin on any PC. If the PC can run Windoze it will work. Mangement sofware is free. THe only negative so far is the clunky, ugly and non-evident User Interface. once understood however it is consistent. have never experienced a system crash and one interesting point is that the readers do not need a server to work. Server down? NEtworks goes on working. When server goes back up things are updated.

Rather interesting product and seemingly unknown.