WSJ: "Bill Moves To Block U.S. From Buying Chinese Surveillance Equipment"

This morning, a day after HR 5515 was passed, the WSJ has released an article: "Bill Moves to Block U.S. From Buying Chinese Surveillance Equipment".

Most interesting new information from the WSJ:

“Video surveillance and security equipment sold by Chinese companies exposes the U.S. government to significant vulnerabilities,” Rep. Vicky Hartzler, the Missouri Republican who offered the amendment to the bill, said in a statement. She added that the amendment “will ensure that China cannot create a video surveillance network within federal agencies.” Fort Leonard Wood is located in Rep. Hartzler’s district.

The WSJ has been critical in the process to alert the government. In November 2017, the WSJ reported on Fort Wood. In January 2018, the WSJ reported on Fort Wood removing Hikvision IP cameras.

Now, the Congresswoman for Fort Wood's district led the effort to get Hikvision products banned for government use.

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