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Wireless Card Reader?

I have an application where a school has a gate that does not have conduit run to it, so I have no way to run access control cabling to it. Does anyone know of a wireless card reader? Or, possibly another product out there that can convert a wired reader signal to wifi and back to digital wired signal? The nearest AP is close enough to the gate for a 2.4Ghz signal to reach.

What sort of credential is in use?

Will the reader have power at that location too?

They would like to use a key fobs and I do have access to power out at the gate.

Do you know specifically which format is used?  For example 125 mHz or 13.56 MHz?  26 bit? 34 bit?

These factors become important in picking devices that might be suitable.

Nortek sells a Wiegand P2P radio - WOR but it only supports 26, 30, and 31 bit formats. Street is about $300 per set.

Also, the R100 is a battery powered, wireless reader, but it is 125 kHz only. Street is ~$500 per reader/receiver set.

Brian, thanks for your suggestions. unfortunately, I struck out on both. Found out the WOR is only a wireless receiver for their button transmitters (kinda like garage door opener remote) and the Assaboy R100 is not weather proof and only goes 50' to the aperio hub which has to be hardwired to access control panel.

Suggest you take a look at the wireless Suprex reader extenders from Cypress.  It will work with most standard readers and goes more than 50-feet.

Have you taken a look at the wireless products made by Cyprus Integration ?


Scott and Mike, you are awesome! Cyprus is EXACTLY what I was looking for to address my problem. THANKS.

Ha!  You're most welcome, Michael.

Hi Michael, did you complete this implementation?, can you share lesson learned?