Who Is Still Selling 'Closed' Video Solutions?

In this context, I mean hard-core closed, like the vendor will tell you straight-up, "these cameras will work only with our recorder".

Like the new Axis Companion line.

There is such a limited quantity of truly "closed" systems on the market I am not certain that, aside from the example cited, I could even think of any. Even systems I would traditionally think of as closed at least purport to support ONVIF. E.g. even Panasonic NVRs support Axis cameras.

Quite a lot of the cloud home offerings, like Nest, Yi, Walmart Momentum cam.

I know Nest has an API but can you get straight video out of that for free?

Good point, I would never even consider those products. I've never sold to residential/gas stations/small business clients.

Dedicated Micros was a closed solution.

Now they're just closed.

Pretty sure the popular Slamsung SDC-9xxx series cameras aren't working with any recorder that's not Samsung Blue Orange...