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Vitamin D Video Acquired By Sighthound Inc

VDV resellers got notified of this yesterday. Does anybody know anything about Sighthound Inc? I could not find a thing.

Three things:

  • Thanks for letting us know! I was not aware.
  • Vitamin D still has resellers? ;) I knew they had been looking to sell for the last year.
  • Who's Sighthound? :( I've never heard of them and can't find them from a few Google searches.

John: Yes they have always maintained a reseller program and we are a member. I was hoping your strong and deep investigation skills will surface some info about Sighthound. But I guess it there is no info then we will have to wait and see.

Biggest problem with VDV for us has been the CIF analysis res limit, the 1.3MP recording limit, the poor live view UI and the lack of mobile apps. Due to lack of funding VDV has not been able to fix any of these issues and we really hope that this injection of cash will change the situation.

Apart from that VDV has been a breakthrough replacement for MD. We rountinely achieve 3X effective retention periods compared to MD which makes customers very happy.

As you mention, though, the challenge is the lack of features for Vitamin D. I'll put a call into our contact at VDV and see if they can at least give us a name or website for Sighthound.

Website is but it is a shell site

Ok, acquisition confirmed and here's the URL for SighthoundLabs. The Whois record is hidden and I cannot find any references online to the company.

My first guess is that it's a startup / new company. Best case scenario, they have talent and a desire to reboot the product with upgraded features. But it's probably not a big company who can put marketing muscle, major investment around it. is associated with is hosted on a server in Orlando (one of the 4 sites listed on those two URLs)

@visionik is the twitter handle of the CEO of (based in Orlando)

...if the two sites were hosted on the same web server (they aren't) it would be a match... :(

Not sure if Voxeo IS behind sighthoundlabs/visionik, but it's interesting to speculate based on available public info... :)

I heard back from VitaminD and they put me in contact with the people at Sighthound Labs.

I am going to email them and ask for more details or a timetable for more information.

Voxeo Labs - a division of Voxeo - is located in Menlo Park, CA (that's 2 of the 4 locations listed on the and URLs)