Time Lapse Video Options

Has there been any discussions on Time Lapse video? I see one on Dropcam. I am looking more at using existing video survillance systems recorded video. Some options could be:

- direct connect to recorded video and output timelapse video at a user specified time interval

- exporting from a VMS video and then feeding it thru some sort of compression or time capture algorithm to product a short time lapse recording

- taking a second stream from cameras on the network to go directly into a system that can be smart at performing timelapse output.

Axis seems to offer the most options for camera based solutions, with several third party ACAP modules available. Have you seen this discussion?

Briefcam works really well, but isnt cheap. It has both a standalone and integrated into VMS option.

Sensera Systems offers cameras with cloud service that automatically produce time-lapse (in addition to video streaming).

The simplest, least expensive way may be to use a Windows time lapse application. In the discussion that A cited, one person suggested this - Video Velocity Time Lapse Capture Studio.