3rd Party VMS Software With Hikvision?

We are doing a 15-20 camera deployment and I'm not quite satisfied with the IVMS. We need a mobile app and it to run on a windows PC or Virtual machine. 

This deployment will expand as they start to see the quality and nighttime improvements. I would like the NVR to shine and IVMS doesn't really do that. So what are our options?

What do you mean by "shine".

The pre reqs that you mention here are pretty generic.  What particular feature set are you after?

Ease of use and lack of issues. 

It doesn't need to do much other than be reliable and allow for a few different users to pull video. There is a possibility that we may deploy some of the Hikvision super zoom PTZ's so it would have to also support those. 



Avigilon, Exacq, or Milestone. All three of those options have versions that suit both small and large installations, have numerous features including mobile apps, and can scale as companies begin to grow.

Exacq or Milestone are good options but AVIGILON might be worth considering over those as it very easy to use and available in various different versions allowing your client to grow their system(s). No recurring licensing fee's is something else end users seem to like about AVIGILON. Have a look at all three I'd say and get your client involved in that process.

We use Avigilon and are very happy with the product overall.  However, it should be noted that while Hikvision cameras will integrate to some extent with Avigilon, it is not with full camera functionality and configuration options accessible through ACC. 

See this IPVM discussion for more info:  Hikvision Cameras and Avigilon VMS

The best software is Geovision really good playback user freindly interface 

The IP utility is great for importing all types if IP cameras 

It works really well

Take a look at Eagle Eye.  Super simple...can be cloud-based or on premise storage, designed for mobile usage and easy to designate users and permissions.

I'd highly recommend if you have the time, check out a couple of the mentioned ones as most should offer a demo trial license..  or watch the overview videos that ipvm has done here on some.