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Hikvision Cameras And Avigilon VMS

Security vulnerabilities aside; will Hikvison cameras perform well on Avigilon ACC 5? Driver issues or anything else that would keep me from using Hikvision?


Thank you!

Hikvision cameras work via ONVIF with motion detection with Avigilon but you don't get any of the advanced features like Pixel search, firmware updates or analytics.   

Having extensive experience with both you will have fewer issues and faster install time if you use Avigilon cameras.  I would recommend you look at the SL line from Avigilon. 

Thank you.

I recommend that you ask your self what features does this customer really need, or will actually use in the long run. Never short change the customer on image quality so always choose HIKVISION, particularly the DARKFIGHTER series. But regarding the 'VMS', do you need a system that is easy to navigate? Easy to playback stored video? and does not break the bank whatsoever with "unneeded" licensing fees choose iVMS-4200. It is not a 'heavy' software loaded with features that look really cool but are completely useless to the client. Option 2 Show the client both, explain why Avigilon costs more, Explain Cyber security and why the network should be isolated. Price the HIKVISION slightly under the Avigilon to maximize the margin, and close the sale, always.

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I can tell you have never used Avigilon's software or cameras.  Let me know if you ever want a demo as I can show you how much easier Avigilon is to use and configure compared to Hik.

I agree with Michael, Marty clearly has zero experience when it comes to Avigilon as his knowledge of the product seems  to be non existing based on the above comments. Avigilon's HDSM also works with Hikvision cameras and they are a good match. Avigilon's SL cameras are also priced very competive compared to the Hikvision Darkfighter cameras yet build to a higher standard. The ACC platform is far easier to use than anything Hikvision currently produces and doesn't suffer from the many cyber security issues Hikvision has been encountering. Based on Marty's answer he is more interested in selling than providing his clients with the best solution available based on his 'price just below Avigilon to maximise margin' comment. If the Avigilon solution comes in at a similar price to the Hikvision solution you are short changing your customers by pushing for Hikvision. No end user would ever choose Hikvision over Avigilon in a like for like demo ever is our experience, especially when the VMS is shown properly by somebody who does know what they are talking about.

Insulting another mans experience and depth of knowledge without facts and hiding behind Undisclosed Distributor is a sign of real intelligence for sure. Actually, I find Avigilon to be a fine product along with many others. I make a very informed choice to offer my clients the best value.If you believe that Hikvision is the only manufacturer that is "suffering" from Cyber-security issues you need to research the industry more. Broad statements as to unknown clients choice of one brand over another is foolish at the least.

It is difficult to sell a product that you can only purchase from another integrator.  We still buy our Rialtos from a competitor.  I understand we do not have the purchase volume required by Avigilon, but that is an obstacle that prevents us from offering avigilon cameras as one of our products.  We use Hikvision cameras with the Rialtos.  They work great.

Marty - is Hikvision the only product you have ever used?  I ask because it seems like this is the only product on the menu for you.  I'm not saying that brand homogeneity is a bad thing necessarily, just curious.

I started working on Video cameras and electronic security systems in 1975          (41 years) when CCTV cameras were nothing more than a Vidicon tube. I have installed, engineered and sold {50} different brands over the years. I have found Hikvision to be a solid product so that being the case I find it respectful to support those who support me.

 Have you ever worked on one of these? Well if you have then consider yourself very experienced. Its a "bank" camera made by Mosler and back in the day, prior to 1975 or so (when I first started) if there was a Bank robbery the 'integrator' met the FBI on the scene and took the 35mm film out to be processed at a local film processing center, which there were several in every town back then. When 'technicians' nowadays complain about working on hardwired systems they need to work on an ADEMCO 101. One zone system, key-switch On/Off, horrible foil tape, vibration contacts, etc. it was a real troubleshooting adventure, but I learned something important which is respect for others and their respective skillset. Dont attempt to demoralize others without first walking in their shoes. Been there, done that, I did not fall off a pickle truck last week and wander into a ADI store and say 'give me HIKVISION', So for all the folks that don't think I care or know what I am doing, 'what were you doing in 1975?"I walked a long road and decided to HIKVISION because I know that government has nothing to do with quality, and excellent support means a happy client every time, so when you make disparaging comments about others that have no merit you might just be made to look like a fool!

We are using some Hikvision devices and have noted the following with Avigilon ACC 5:

  • Motion recording must be configured through the camera GUI - motion events record in Avigilon but settings cannot be configured through Avigilon.
  • Basic network settings can be configured through ACC
  • Basic image and display settings are available through ACC
  • Basic compression and image rate settings are available through ACC

What I am looking for are inexpensive yet good quality cameras to put in one of our retail stores (replace very old Axis cameras). The store has a robust security system tied into our dispatch, so the cameras are only used for video investigation if need be.

I am very happy with the quality of work and service provided by the integrator's who are proposing the Hikvision cameras and these will be the "test case" cameras for possible future use in areas that do not require analytics or event programming.

Keep in mind long term if you use cheap cameras it's going to cost you more money for service and maintenance compared all Avigilon cameras. 

Do you trust the Integrator that has proposed the Hikvision cameras? He has the experience and background in the CCTV business and has made a decision to offer the HIKVISION based on his knowledge. Do you have any question his integrity? Why question his selection when he has never screwed you I the past I presume?

You will not be disappointed by the Hikvision product, and by the way, as long as you use good business practices with your Network security you will be fine.