Which Video System Best For Residential Clients?

Looking for some opinions on this situation, as I'm confused. I had a new alarm/surveillance referral. We briefly discussed cameras, he told me where wanted them, and we installed them.

We had to make 2 return visits due to ISP issues (no port forwarding without a static IP) and during the demo he asked to return the system because he couldn't save clips to the cloud or DVR (LTS) and local clips on the ipad get deleted if that app does.

He likes Nest Cams, despite consistent internet loss and the $750 annual storage cost for 4 cameras, as well as the increase in hardware cost for the IQ version over what he has now.

My questions are this:

  • Is there a DVR out there that has the exact same IPAD experience as it does on a PC, as well as the ability to save footage to the DVR itself? I also use Spectrum and Exacq, but neither of those really fit the bill.
  • Are the Axis budget systems refined enough?
  • Anything that's a local/cloud hybrid?
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