Milestone Husky M10 Complaints

During a recent IP networking class, a sidebar discussion in IPVM Chat regarding Milestone's Husky NVR M10 series developed. The product opinions shared back and forth between several members was overwhelmingly negative.

Here are a few comments that were shared:

  • "[The M10 is] Milestone's only Linux device, and even their own support dreads remoteing in and will do anything they can to prevent the need to. LOL."
  • "I would not personally recommend the M10 milestone server. Unless you are using it for your home personal NVR"
  • "For the life of me I could not get remote access to work period and neither could their support (at the time 6 months ago). They ended up sending me 3 different boxes and would refuse to remote in no matter how much I asked them to. In order for them to remote in because it is Linux you will need to know some Linux command line or at least be able to navigate and do what they request of you. Although i am truly hoping times have changed. When I was dealing with it it had just come out not to long before hand and again is Milestones first linux device ever made according to them"
  • "Its great that it [the M10] is Linux, but 1 drive is a point of failure and it can barely handle 8 cameras."
Granted, the negative opinions and reviews here are not a total surprise given Milestone's recent rash of problems with product design and support. See: Milestone Arcus VMS Tested and Milestone Tech Support Wait Time, Does This Happen To Everyone? for two recent examples of overall poor design and support efforts.
For those with experience with the M10 Husky, does the feedback above surprise you?
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