Los Angeles Times Criticize Hikvision's Classroom Behavior Management System

Hikvision's exposure in large mainstream publications continue, this time with the Los Angeles Times: At this Chinese school, Big Brother was watching students — and charting every smile or frown, money quote:

Hikvision supplied the face-recognition devices to Hangzhou No. 11 High School. Rolling them out to schools across the country would be highly lucrative. The partially state-owned company did not respond to requests for an interview...

Educators in China have been sharply critical of the Hangzhou school, not only for invading students’ privacy — neither they nor their parents were asked to give consent — but for charging ahead with a unproven system that purports to improve student performance.

Even assuming the machines can accurately read facial emotions, it’s far from clear how outward expressions are related to learning, says He Shanyun, an associate professor of education at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou.

Hikvision again declined comment, as the company struggles to figure out how to handle rising International criticism.

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