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Looking For Information On Stanley Buys 3xlogic

Based on information from trusted sources, can now reveal that Stanley Security has entered into an agreement to acquire 3xLogic.

Never heard anymore on this - did it go ahead?

I reached out to Stanley twice - a month ago or so and earlier this week - waiting to see when they will officially comment.

The deal appears to be done, according to various people who have spoken with us but not certain, so that's why we have waited to cover.

Update: I am working on a call with Stanley next week to discuss details. Side note: I've removed 'the integration division' from the OP as Stanley notes their integration division did not do the acquisition. Certainly, how this relates to the integration division is important and we plan to ask and cover that.

Update: no further response from Stanley. Strange situation.

I have heard the same thing, from a variety of sources.  At IFSEC, in London, 3xlogic was displayed in the Stanley booth.  However, official confirmation of an acquisition seems to be missing. 

It is a done deal.

The acquisition went through about 4 to 6 weeks ago.  Stanley now owns 3xLogic products and employees (the ones who haven't left already).  Now the 3xLogic customers are now competing with the manufacturer of the product.  It will be interesting to see what happens.