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Information On Chinese Video Standard 'GB/T 28181'

Can you please highlight the reasons and motives behind GB/T 28181 -2016 protocol?

I had not researched this before.  The standard's Scope states:

"This Standard specifies the interconnection structure and communication protocols structure of information transport, switch and control and the basic requirements and security requirements for transport, switch and control and technical requirements for control, transport process and protocol interfacing etc.

This Standard is applicable to the scheme design, system testing, acceptance of security and protection video monitoring network s and urban monitor and control alarming network system and related equipment R&D and manufacture."

In A lot of countries clients are specifically mentioning "Non compliance to GB/T 28181 " protocol as mandatory in the technical specifications of the cameras, may be this is the same protocol which hik uses to access their cameras across the globe and the same has been made compulsory by China govt for every oem to incorporate in their firmware, thereby gaining access to any online device globally?

In A lot of countries

Outside of China? Which ones?

Is this not related to Vimicro/SVAC, presciently reported in Why Is This Chinese Surveillance Manufacturer Stock Up 730% In The Past Year?

From vimicros website

With rising domestic security concerns such as terrorist attacks and violent incidents, the central government has started to promote SVAC with the intention to strengthen national security and fight terrorism. The government has adopted a series of initiatives to promote SVAC, including building an SVAC industry alliance, designating Guangdong as the demonstration province for SVAC roll-out, naming SVAC standard as the preferred standard in the national standard GB/T28181, and supervising the implementation of SVAC by the Ministry of Public Security and other ministries. More and more companies have joined the SVAC standard alliance as Dahua, Hikvision, and other leading companies have begun to support it.

Is  GB/T 28181  a security concern, is it required to specifically mentioning "Non compliance to GB/T 28181 " protocol as mandatory in the technical specifications of the cameras

We've been doing some investigation into this and got feedback from manufacturers who implemented this.

From what we have reviewed, this is not really a 'security' focused standard, more like 'ONVIF' in the sense that it is about communication / integration.

However, a major difference, technically, is that it uses SIP.

In practice, the main application appears to be connecting cameras (using SIP) to different government systems. As Huawei explains about the motivation of the standard:

In actual scenarios, when an upper-level public security department handles and commands protection work and major incidents, its lower-level public security departments need to provide onsite video surveillance support. As video surveillance systems are deepening and expanding, system integration demands are growing. Vertically, video surveillance systems at province, city, and district levels need to be cascaded. Horizontally, video and images need to be shared across regions and industries.

Huawei also provides a list of code used:

And here is what claims to be an English copy of the GB/T 28181-2016 standard.

Does anyone have any other details or corrections to this?