Hikvision DS-2CD6362F-I Fish-Eye With Entry Level Hikvision NVR

Does anyone have experience with the Hikvision DS-2CD6362F-I and how it integrates/displays with an entry level Hikvision NVR. Separate channels for each view?


I have extensively tested that Hikvision fish eye camera in our lab. It's a good camera however we need a dewarped 360 degree view at 30 images per second and this camera does not provide that view.

What is does provide is a fisheye 360 degree view and it provides three dewarped views which provide right, center, and left fields of view. These appear in Milestone XProtect as four camera streams. The recording server will be recording four streams and your workstation will be decoding these four streams as well. We like the camera but the lack of a 360 degree dewarped view at 30 ips was show stopper.

We also have tested and fielded the Vivotek FE8181V fish-eye camera. It does provide a 360 dewarped view, 1920x1080 at 30 ips. We use it in areas with a short depth of field such as patios and courtyards often replacing what took several cameras to provide coverage with a single camera. Our customer really likes the panoramic dewarped views.

Since the dewarping is done on camera there are no VMS integration issues.


Thanks Don,

We've used one of these with Milestone before but never tried one with an entry level Hik NVR. Guess we'll have to run the test's ourselves.

I am also interested in the Hikvision Fisheye Smart Series cameras. As of 2/19/2018 the choices are shown here on the Hikvision USA website:

Hikvision fisheye cameras

Choices are 3MP, 6MP, and 12 MP.

I will be using it for an exterior front entrance door on a residence with camera mounting either on a vertical wall (under a porch to protect from weather) or on the porch ceiling.

I will be using the fisheye with my existing Hikvision DS-9632NI-I8 which is on my LAN with, currently, 8 Hikvision cameras. I am replacing the current front door camera, DS-2CD4585F-IZH (Hikvision USA DS-2CD4585F-IZH) to gain a better field of view.

Interested in any testing or user feedback on the fisheye camera and recommendations on the what MP you suggest.


Well I should have done an IPVM search on Hikvision because I see you tested the 3MP and 6MP Hikvision fisheye’s.

Hikvision IPVM test

Jeez they look so bad I’m going to forget Fisheye for now. :LOL At least I’m getting my money’s worth for my membership and I figure you saved me several hundred dollars and endless disapointment.

I do see that Hikvision has a new 12 MP Fisheye so I’ll see how the IPVM test goes for that one. Specs do look good. Model: DS-2CD63C2F-IV Street Price: $620 vs $432 for 6MP.

12 MP Hikvision Fisheye

I reviewed the IPVM 12MP Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-I test. You saved me more money again.