Has Anyone Had Issues With Blinding White Light Directly Under Light Poles In Parking Lots?

There is a 40' circumference directly below the pole. Everything is completely whited-out.

Blinding white light being captured by the camera? Blinding light white for people walking underneath the pole?

Can you clarify? Pics would be help a lot but a few more details at least would allow us to offer a better response.

What cameras are you using?


That is a ACTi OEM with some crappy specs ( Basic WDR (74 dB))

I would throw that camera in the trash can and get a better camera.

Also, the camera is not good at night, that might even be the bigger issue.

These older 5MP imagers are poor fundamentally in low light plus the f/2.8 lens makes it even worse.

So, yes, if possible, get a better, newer camera.

I would throw that camera in the trash can...

Or bring it inside and use it where the lighting isn't as challenging.

Or trade it in on an Arecont.

If you mean the pole lights are causing overexposure, we've seen that in our tests.

In our Camera Color Fidelity Shootout, parking lot sodium vapor lighting washed out several cameras directly below or about 20-30' from the pole.

Like this:

Or this:

WDR can help, but that assumes you can keep WDR on at night (many cameras automatically turn it off, so you need to force the camera to day mode), and you may get a significant shift in color fidelity, especially under sodium lights.

Here is the original camera: http://advidia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/B-51-5MP-Dome-Camera.pdf (Not true WDR)

Here is a true WDR camera we want to swap it to: http://advidia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/A-54-OD.pdf

Do you think dimming the light will make a difference as well? Not sure if it is intensity of the light or the frequency. Maybe a combination?

Do you think dimming the light will make a difference as well? Not sure if it is intensity of the light or the frequency.

My guess is that its the intensity of the light, in particular, the variation between the bright light 'up to' and the much darker area in the lower left.

interesting that they call the camera a 'true WDR 120db' camera yet they don't specifically state multi-shutter.

also, are they using the international standard for WDR measurement?

...oh yeah, there aint one. :)

Problem is missing lightpole ;)

A. Add a lightpole and light

B. Get a better camera

Answer B

A. Add a lightpole and light

B. Get a better camera

C. All of the Above

Answer C

Having high-value assets stored in a darkened section of an otherwise well-lit lot, directs mischief to that area. Swapping the camera with one with true WDR will add an improved picture and therefore improved forensic capability, but lighting the area provides a deterrent and will improve the picture with either camera.

That said, such an expenditure is likely not with u1s control, and should upgrade the camera to true WDR in any event. I would guess that, because of the wide view, and depending on the position of the Sun, that the daytime view would improve as well with true WDR.

I think we will all have this same problem when everyone starts wearing reflectacles technology.

If a camera can capture license plates in a parking lot all day, shouldn't other devices be allowed to capture any cell phone CID that enters a business? Adding a second layer of forensic data to correlate with the owner could be useful in law enforcement and or spying in general.

The future IPCs look like they will have other hybrid technology to justify the need to install them everywhere.

I still like my idea of Mesh Analytics. Imagine the ability to click on a person walking around an airport and instantly have all cameras simultaneously provide a video feed from each cameras position and perspective. Perhaps there are 30-100 360° IPC cameras tracking multiple scenarios by different analytic requests or commands. In order to set up this mesh the cameras would have to be installed with an application that can synchronize and connect its exact coordinates with other cameras within the mesh. Maybe some type of laser that pulses can be set within the cameras FOV to identify exact X,Y zones within and outside of a DE warped view. Think of that floating orb in the movie Prometheus that mapped out the interior of the alien space ship with all those lasers.

Anyhow its just a thought, if you are going to surveillance something. Surveil the crap out of it!