Got A Marketing Email From ACTi This Morning. Remember Them?

In this "race to zero" in hardware, I wonder if they may be suffering the most. Acti was my low cost go to brand in the early/mid years of IP, like 2009-2012, but I haven't sold a one in the last 2+ years. Also the quasi independent rebranders like Ipx are probably feeliing it as well. Just hard to argue with a branded 3mpxl Hikvision for $100. Any similar experiences?

Here's the email in question:

Evidently their tactic appears to be pushing 10MP but we've tested 2 of their 10MP cameras and both performed poorly (see: Testing ACTi E97 10MP Camera and ACTi E617 10MP IR Camera Tested).

It's a shame what happened to them. Still confused why they would release cameras that work so obviously poorly.

Still confused why they would release cameras that work so obviously poorly.

They may have fixed that.

Now they just don't release them. Case in point the Q76, now pushed out to July 2016!

Maybe they are trying to sell on the high pixel count to enough people who don't have enough relative experience to make a critical comparison. I see the same thing happen in the IT forums with Ubiquiti cameras. Everyone there talks great about them, but when you dig in hardly any of them have ever dealt with any other IP cameras before, if at all, and most times it's "yeah, was able to get it setup at my house so because I got it to work means it's great."

I know SWizard frowns heavily upon the non conformist ubiquiti. but to your point most people "see a picture under ideal conditions" and think "huzzah this is the bestest camera ever" then try to deploy it in unfavorable conditions and expect it to do as wonderful or vice versa.

when you deal with really expensive and or high quality cameras it help you understand how sad some of the other ones are.

Ya same here sold two systems too many from them bought two nvr with processors probally made in 80's well anyway the picture was ok but everyone moved like robots and all becuase nvr couldn't do job.Hikvision all way now and axis plus dahua.

What Acti (Ack-tee) has been up to in the last 2 years in 50 seconds...