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What Do I Need For EX/ Hazardous Rated Cable?

Hi Guys 


Was wondering  if anyone has experience of EX areas . I have a project  that requires EX cameras and Security Equipment. The choice of Equipment is straightforward. The grey area is what type of cables to use within these EX areas. 

I have contacted different Cable Manufacturer's for advise.  The advise given has ranged from 

1. Don't Know

2. Standard cable ( Beldon 9504 Etc)

3. Screened cable with a specific gel within the insulation . This prevents a spark travelling through  the cable if cut or damaged.


As you can see it's very vague 



Hello Shane:

I'll offer a #4 option that many class 1/ div 1-2 areas use: argon filled rigid conduit.

Argon is heavier than air and inert, so purging threaded rigid with argon to evacuate oxygen eliminates ignition fuel.  The threads cut are not NPT but UFPT/ UNEF, but given the right pipe unions and cutting die, it is a minor charge over normal rigid install.

For others, See: Hazardous Area Surveillance / Explosion 'Proof' Cameras for background.

argon filled rigid conduit

Brian, We are taking on a project that requires Class 1 Div 2 compliance. Do you have any information on what the standards are related to conduit/piping? Is appears the link above is no longer working.