Dahua Party!!!

Ain't no party like a Dahua party...

Following up on their catastrophic Summer BBQ series, Dahua is throwing an ASIS bash.

You're invited.

This apparently is Dahua's coming out party as they try to finally figure out how to sell direct in North America and is timed during the ASIS show.

Tell them IPVM sent you and they will give you a free look of angst and frustration...

You going?

I attended their summer tour and I haven't received my invite yet! (I must have not been the life of the party)

Tell us #1, how was the summer tour? Great? Ok? Any highlights?

The event took place between 10 - 2pm but they didn't actually start until about an hour or so later. They introduced their products but didn't have any real exhibits as it was more a presentation and overview of Dahua and spoke about the new US distribution center in California. Then they served lunch and gave away prizes with the best being a (read 1) camera (I don't remember the model number/type) and backpacks with the Dahua logo (at least imho). The food was catered and decent. The show was over at 2pm.

Personally it seemed unorganized with poor planning and expectation on their part as they seemed surprised that there was about 20 people there. They did say that more events to come as they felt the parties had been successful.

Good feedback.

"as they seemed surprised that there was about 20 people there."

Surprised that there were so many or so few people?

Here's a propaganda film showing a Dahua Day landing on foreign soil, during the ides of March 2015.

This confirms reports that at least 50 locals, including some civilians, were rounded up and placed in close quarters for hours at time, all the while being inundated with propreitery, and possibly unfamiliar, jargon.

Several loyal operatives from RISCO, the local Dahuan 'boot on the ground', closely monitored the group for any signs of discontent and moved swiftly to correct any confusion that arose.

Compliance was aided by plying the participants with the finest booze, live raffling, low-latency cooking and the ominous presence of several large, big screen TVs.

Looks like a lot more fun than I would have thought.

I think they were surprised at the higher number of people there... again, this was held outside of Dallas.

Tell them IPVM sent you and they will give you a free look of angst and frustration...

You may get the chance yourself... Not to alarm you but, IMHO, based on the vectors taken by the roadshow campaign to date, (London/Tulsa,TX/Anaheim), this would make Five-O a logical waypoint as they return home. See map:

Besides the understandable lure of IPVM headquarters, there is also a recently fortified Exacq presence in Guam which may be of strategic value to them.

Can you say Dahua Luau? I can't...

No actual street address given on the open house invite, which may be a first.

The subtleties of modern American culture can be so tricky...

Once you RSVP it tells you that it's at 23 Hubble in irvine. But since they provide transportation, no need to even worry about that...

No worries, except being from the area, I can tell you there are few things that would motivate me to sit on the 5 freeway in a shuttle bus with a bunch of strangers for 35 minutes (one way) while being led to plush but captive corporate quarters to and propagandized for a couple hours.

But this is definitely one of them. See you there!

"this is definitely one of them. See you there!"

Please do not wear "spy camera glasses", I beg you.

Today is the day.

2, we look forward to your live stream!

I did not get follow-up info on this. Did anyone in this discussion actually go?

I overslept, so...

However it sounds as though Axis may have upstaged Dahua, according to Larry:

After the show closed, events in the evening continued to draw crowds, including two open house events in nearby Irvine, Calif., a center of technology. Axis Communications hosted an open house at their new “Axis Experience Center,” a learning facility that can host up to 28 people and also focuses on use of Axis products in a variety of vertical markets, with full displays of systems targeted to markets such as gaming, education, retail and banking.

A short ride away, Dahua was also hosting an open house at its Irvine facility. The Chinese company is on the verge of expanding its presence in the U.S. market, building its channel, and positioning Dahua as a trusted brand in the video surveillance market. The company has been in the U.S. market for years as an OEM/ODM manufacturer, but is now beginning to build up its branded business. The global company is already selling products, including HD cameras, NVRs, video display walls, VMS software and video analytics, in 140 countries. It’s one of the companies that makes the ASIS show truly international.