Camera Calculator Using Imported Drawings

What is the best (or most commonly used) tool for mapping out camera placements on a drawing? The camera calculator tool is great for google maps drawings but I am looking for something that works with a drawing. Can you import an image (bitmap, pdf) into the calculator? We currently use Visio but I am looking for something easier for my team to use.

[UPDATE: The IPVM calculator now supports importing PDFs and images for drawings / floorplans, etc. This can be used on top of the Google Map or in our blank mode.]

Hi William, we are currently working on uploading images to our Camera Calculator.

Expect it to be released next month / September.

Thanks for the feedback.

I hate to toot my own horn but, to the be best of my knowledge the most commonly used software tool for mapping out camera placement with the possibility to import AutoCAD/PDF/JPEG/PNG drawings is our IP Video System Design Tool.

Is there any update to importing drawings for the camera calculator? I love the tool - I just need to be able to use it for other things than google earth.

Scott - the calculator can show satellite (with or without labels), Maps (with or without terrain), or you can switch the background to a blank canvas. A floor plan can be overlaid on each of these. See the gif below:

Please let me know if this helps.