Binge Drinking In This Industry?

So is binge drinking a big thing in this industry? It came up recently where a few people mentioned that, e.g., at trade shows, heavy drinking is quite commonplace. They had bunches of stories of execs drunk out of their minds.

By personality and place in the industry, I do not really socialize so it's an unknown world to me.

Curious to your thoughts on binge drinking at industry parties, events, etc.

Yup, it's a real thing. It's now 9:06am and I just cracked open my first beer. :-)

Kidding aside, it is a problem at a lot of the after parties. I don't go to them anymore because it they are usually too crowded, and the people are too drunk. You can easily spot it the follow day at the shows; half the people look hung over.

From what I hear, the security industry isn’t as bad as others when it comes to drinking and partying. Quite often, I hear that pharmaceuticals is vastly worse. If you ask some servers next time you’re in Vegas for their opinion on this, you’ll learn a lot more valuable feedback than what you’ll garner here.

What I HAVE heard from casino employees is that our industry seems to have “a lot of Asians”, and that among them, there are more high rollers than they see during other conventions.

This industry makes one so sad and burdened sometimes that it doesn't surprise me one bit if someone drowns their sorrow. Drinking in trade shows is perhaps a happier occasion, but it's also where you can vent to your peers. With free booze even.

Source: Used to drink every day because of depressing work conditions and severe chronic pain.

I’ve noticed this too.

I’ve walked and carried many back to their rooms with the advice they stay there.

I've heard of "who can drink the most" awards from bigger companies during trade shows. I even heard one story of someone getting a promotion shortly after winning the award.

I used to be a Drink until you drop , from HS and a family that drank all we had in the bars and nite clubs .

As I got older I changed , decided I wanted more out of life.

Now I have adult children of my own , grandchildren and purpose NOT to drink.

I go to shows drink water, make my common bond the industry and not the nite life.

I only socialize with people who have that common direction and view of life.

Life is short , spend it well , You cannot get it back .

what ever is past wont change or come back .

The effects will haunt you , but all that is past is past.

You cannot change it.

But you can do better today and tomorrow

I now concentrate on Education, disciplines of the trade, making other s life safer and others around me a better place to live.

I quite going to trade show s as the level of education and awareness has decreased and the return for investment in time and money was not there.

We all have the same , it is what you , we decide to do with it.

I now own the business, make positive decision s to what is best , support cause's which improve , not tear down , build not destroy, create not break

Cause's which make a difference

That is why I support IPVM , and the cause to keep Truth:

Transparency, Quality, Professionalism in the industry.

After over 3 decades in this industry binge drinkers and industry alcoholics are more common than when I started. What is even more disappointing is the majority of these binge drinkers are indeed CEO's, EVP's, Sales Directors that are trying to conduct business with being hung over from a binge the night before or actually drunk during the meeting. I actually take advantage of this situation since I am on my game and they are not in the negotiations. As much as it pains me to see these people that I have know for many years doing this, I don't believe there will be much change.

i see it in all the industries and markets. IT - AV - Fire - education - healthcare - etc.

At ISC there are SO many people - if 15% to 25% are plowed - that is still a lot of people. There are a lot of very good parties with great entertainment. Think ISC parties somewhat encourage heavy drinking - there is free drinks and it is vegas..... (LOL).

John I can see where you want to stay away from places where people might be drunk. Inhibitions are down and there are a number of people that like to dislike IPVM. LOL

I personally don't drink alcohol and still have a good time at the parties with vendors, customers and coworkers.

I don't think its that they like to dislike IPVM. I think if you're a manufacturer you see it a lot more. I've worked for a few camera manufacturers and you can tell the employees that read an IPVM test of their product that was not glowing or if they disagree with IPVM's testing methods, etc. It's kind of a trendy thing to do. Kind of like how it is cool in society to hate President Trump. I think you could argue the same thing happens for IPVM among manufacturer sales people. IPVM calls the baby ugly sometimes and some companies just do not know how to deal with that. They also fail at engaging IPVM. Be straight forward and don't try to spin your product or offering and IPVM is fair in its analysis.

The analyses of products might be relatively fair but some of the discussion content here is not. I have no dog in this fight as an installer/user but I thought the Dahua "Hacked the World Over" gag graphic, for example, was uncalled for and unprofessional. Who would have thought that someone who rubs salt in the wound might be unpopular with manufacturers! Imagine that...

I pay for a subscription here because I want quality content and discussion, not tabloid journalism and schadenfreude. Sometimes I'm left disappointed.

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I thought the Dahua "Hacked the World Over" gag graphic, for example, was uncalled for and unprofessional.

Was it factually untrue? No, it was true. Dahua products suffered massive hacks around the world.

Was the graphic pulled out of the blue? No, it was based on Dahua's own marketing campaign, 'Proven the World Over'.

You certainly can disagree with us about the graphic but let's keep in mind, what you call 'tabloid journalism', was clearly grounded in fact and would have never been reported without us.

I never disputed that Dahua wasn't hacked and I'm certainly familiar with their advertising. However to take the time and effort to deliberately turn their own marketing material against them just to poke fun smacks of childishness and is something I would expect from a Youtube shock blogger, not a site that bills itself as a professional industry trade venue. It's unbecoming for what's otherwise a very good site with tons of useful data.

But what do I know.

however to take the time and effort to deliberately turn their own marketing material against them just to poke fun smacks of childishness...

Do you feel the same about political cartoons?

If I wanted political cartoons I'd have subscribed to the New York Post. I came here for technical info.

"I came here for technical info."

...of which there is plenty.

You are not obliged to click on any link with a parody caption.

Your opinion is valid -but it's weight is equal to that of other subscribers to IPVM that enjoy the range of content available.

And that's fine, I'm not demanding the content be changed to suit my unilateral desires. Just expressing an opinion and the admins may take it for what it's worth.

#21, thanks. We definitely want to hear your opinion and I think reasonable people can disagree about the suitability of coverage.

As for the 'hacked the world over' image, I genuinely believe it was on-point satire.

If we put a manufacturer's wordmark in a pile of poop or smashed a company's products in anger, that would clearly be childish as there would be no greater point than to demean the company.

But the 'hacked the world over' graphic was directly satirizing Dahua's recent 'proven the world over' marketing campaign that was trying to establish credibility and, the point of our graphic, was that the large scale hacking significantly undermined their credibility and hurt their customers.

I will not be mad at you if you still disagree. I am just trying to explain the logic behind it for you and readers in general.

"....or smashed a company's products in anger, that would clearly be childish as there would be no greater point than to demean the company."

Damn....and I was just completing the invitation to the industry via social media for a DWG Shoot Out wherein I supply the DW cameras and NVR's, you supply your own weapons and we shoot the crap out of them. Now I feel like I can't do that shooting party because I might be seen as childish! Way to kill my joy John!

I pay for a subscription here because I want quality content and discussion, not tabloid journalism and schadenfreude.

Shade was thrown, schade was not.

I think the drinking, especially at trade shows, has always been heavy and noticeable. Many stories, both funny and sad, have come out of drinking-related escapades while folks are away at trade shows. I can't even count the number of times I've heard guys say "I love my wife and kids, but it's so awesome to be away from all the madness (at home) for a few days"! Some can handle the few days of "freedom" and some can't!

I've been involved in trade shows for the building automation/HVAC industry as well as ones for convenience stores and quick serve restaurants, and the C-Store/QSR ones were far worse as far as the drinking is concerned. I remember when Red Bull first came out, they were pouring Kettle One vodka & Red Bull cocktails in the booth itself!

Some companies still see the drinking escapades as bonding times and rites of passage, but it's getting a bit old to show up to a trade show booth just as it opens and half the reps in the booths are puffy, red-faced, and cranky from the night before. They're usually not worth much for the first hour or so!

The binge drinking is pretty much the same across the security, HVAC, Facility Management industries, and I am referring mostly to trade shows and industry events.

In Vegas, you can tell what kind of trade show someone is attending .. if they are walking around the streets giggling with one of those tall bright plastic daiquiri drinks, they're probably not at the ISC West show ... lol

I've never seen anyone s**t faced at any of the shows I've been to over the past 6 years or more. But maybe I just didn't stick around that long. I've been to a few after parties and while there were some heavy drinkers, I didn't see anyone being any crazier than other events I've seen. But then I don't stick around all night, either. Honestly the worst I've ever seen was back in the day when I worked at a newspaper company out with the sales & marketing and newspeople. Those were some of the most cringe worthy moments I remember.

You didn’t stick around long enough.

LOL. I would guess you've never met up with someone in the industry at Hogs and Heifers in Downtown Vegas.

Lot of people seen doing shots...

I've been going to security trade shows for years and attended many after show parties & events where the alcohol is free. Remember the Pelco (pre-Schneider) ISC parties? Wow! Those were the tickets to get back in the day! A-List entertainment, free food and 'all you care to drink' booze.

Simply put - anytime you put on free alcohol, you're going to have people that over indulge.

In my experience, the polluted drunk falls into one of two categories; the Amateur and the Pro. The Amateur being the 'young gun' who hasn't ever been at an event where alcohol is free and goes nuts because it IS free and end up totally wasted as a result. These are the folks that show up late the next day with booze on their breath and spend all of their time apologizing to everyone for what they can't remember doing the night before.

The Pro being the 'veteran' that takes advantage of the free booze to kill the pain of the 'lost mega-deal', being passed over for promotion, or to avoid having to expense the copious amounts of alcohol that they typically consume at these shows. The Pro's are better at hiding it.

I don't think it's accurate to call it binge drinking. It's more about human nature and the decisions people make when they have access to free booze.

Remember the Pelco (pre-Schneider) ISC parties? Wow! Those were the tickets to get back in the day! A-List entertainment, free food and 'all you care to drink' booze.

Get to play co-pilot on a real jet!

One thing you'll never have to either look forward to or worry about is "Post Schneider any company", including Pelco, picking up the tab for anything. And especially not booze. I used to work there and they even make their employees pay for their own logo stuff, even if they are giving it to customers. I couldn't figure out why. They were literally making their employees pay out of their pockets to promote their brand. I would have been OK with it if they were taking the money they were saving and applying it to product development and enhancements, but no, any gravy went right to manager bonuses.

I used to work there and they even make their employees pay for their own logo stuff...

On the other hand, the “Pelco Baseball Beanie” was one of their top sellers last year ;)

I will admit to imbibing at trade shows. At nearly every company I have been at it is not only tolerated but almost encouraged. I don't drink to the point where I am passing out in the middle of the casino and am rarely hung over. Most of our group is the same. However, some of my peers aren't even minimally disciplined. I am used to having to track down one particular individual/trainwreck in the morning to make sure this person is not in a hospital somewhere and to make certain they make it to the plane.

At the the end of the second day at ISC West and morning of the third day we always get attendees stumbling by our booth still smelling of alcohol. Conversations usually start with "tell me about your product" and then a minute later end up on a tangent like "I'm not allowed in Belize anymore" or "that's why I only eat the red Skittles."

Years ago I was at a conference in Texas that offered a complimentary wine and cigar bar. Hardly anyone there smoked but everyone wanted to partake because it was free. There were a lot of pale conference attendees the next morning.

One factor that may encourage trade show excessive drinking may be the fact that you can drink without having to worry about driving. When home, the strict enforcement of DWI laws tend to make people more cautious. Out-of-town shows...all bets are off.

Shows have always had a lot of drinking. I notice it more at ISC West then at ASIS. Maybe because it's Vegas. i personally don't drink but here all the stories from others about how hammered everyone was during the show. I think it's also more prevalent on the tech side then services.

I picked up 2 accts due to this kind of mentality

The customer , great return , told me he would not do business with a drunk due to the lack of professionalism.

and said the company looked like the were in a drunken stuper and could not trust they would take care of him.

Even though you can , Should you Drink to a drunken stuper

and even if there is no one to look over your shoulders and keep you in check , should you let go to the pt of not being able to do your job.

as a family in law inforcement , I see the effects of drunken stuper as it leeds to more days of loss, kaos , and lack of good judgement .

There has to be more self control, self awareness, leaders who lead by good example , not drunked stuper

I worked for a short time for a very rich , self made man, invester, developer

his response to me was ( he was a permanent Drunk ) all who went to his parties Drank a lot , then his employees , family , would pick up the pieces and keep the company working.

the real reason he drank was ( he lost his Purpose, vision, reason, passion for work ) someone else always picked up the pieces for him

This is why I am the owner, self employed and in charge

So I can keep life in a truly proper perspective.

I lost lots of clients due to my need to make my family 1st ,and not them and thier selfish endulgence.

Great Post Wish you all the best !

This is why I am the owner, self employed and in charge...

Wasn't the Drunk all those things too?

In an industry where I , YOU , depend on Integrity, Honesty, and professionalism

We , YOU and I cannot afford to cheapen down the industry with this kind of mentality , this will come back to byte us, you and all who think like this. Matter of time.

Trust is an asset we depend on daily and Integrity is the very foundation of Security.

I Trust other s , I depend on their Professionalism to make competent decision s to Protect, install, set up , provide a service for me.

otherwise , why are you in this industry

I don't mean this to attack you, but watching the way you put together sentences, randomly capitalize letters mid sentence, and in general your diction I would be concerned about your competence as an integrator based off that just as much...

...I would be concerned about your competence as an integrator based off that just as much.

I'm not concerned about it. Everybody looks like they know what they are doing here :)

Different Schools of thought in our society

Some Build, encourage, train, educate, have direction

others Take, tear down, destroy, make fun of , and usually to build themselves up, or make themselves look, feel, act better to be accepted by others

I really don't care for the latter

I have made a great connection with the proper people who know my strength's and talents background.

so I just stay out of the line of fire.

If this is it so be it.

Just more sour people in the world we live in

when i see the facebook approach , or things of the past picked out , brought up , and portrayed then I realize who, what, why this , these kind exist.

Integrity , Honesty, Transparency

not hidden , hiding , unnamed so you don't have to take responsibility for your own actions.

This is why i let you see me.


even if your that type of person.

Having known a psychiatrist, and personally having met other people people who write in similar fashion, I learned there are unique conditions in some people that share the same methods of writing (typing) that Christopher does. They are intelligent people and no more or less capable in life on the balance of things. We have our unique strengths and our quirks. I know it looks sometimes like the lazy millennial generation that talks too much in txt speech, but I would not be too quick to judge.

I've always found Christopher's content to be valuable and spot-on, despite the delivery.

Thank You for the words of encouragement as I am not a great speaker, writer, or portrait of the best in our society.

Trying every day to improve and making sure I keep to the code, values that change, make our world a better place in spite of what is around me.

I have a psychologist daughter who helps rewrite papers, proposals, important documents

Like many things in life . Others make You successful , not just your self.

My wife, son's, daughter all have great college aptitudes

I'm the least educated in the family in writing and English.

I do not , as blocks get in the way , takes longer to pick it up.

But my mechanical, electrical, math is top of the chart.

I have dealt with very successful people over the years and I find that some times life hampers us or sets us back from our ability to scale down to relate to all levels of education.

I relate this to visual perception ( 380 to 1080p )

I see what i see , and my mind wont let me go back. or accept less

The More you see perfection , the more you see inperfections , they stand out , like a sore thumb

Your mind wont let you pass over it.

like level, some see it , some dont, some dont care.

sorry for this , as my strong points , talent is not writing, speaking, persuasive intent.

I am very competent other wise i would not have been successful for more than 25 years.

I keep my friend very close and deal with them directly.

I understand your point , when in the world we live in it is all about appearance, and perception.

Especially as you get to the top of the food chain.

Trust is something Earned , not given because of a good show, or presentation.

It is always about looking good, suits, ties, cover and so on.

I have been doing this for over 30 years and started when all odds were against me, stayed in the game , loss , made it big, worked on 1-5 mil projects , decided that usually the more money , higher price project , the bigger show and tell , and making the crap on the bottom , the mistakes look like a great Job.

So I appreciate honesty, Integrity, and upfront words of criticism.

But I know my strength , and keep things at that level.

I don't really care who, what, why all the others have to perform

I don't , those who know me know my work , those who don't , don't really need to

Self Made , and Proud of it. Helping Hands from other s like me who understand the bank is not the answer. Great management is.

Keeps me Humble and not Arrogant

No hand outs , No welfare, No wasted money infusions by the banks to keep my mistakes hidden and make the P/L look good .

My resume has County, State, Federal, Classified Projects in it. and they have been great.

I now have Great Projects and Contractors

And they Take good care of me.

Have you ever contemplated entering a Poetry Slam contest?

Your natural style is perfect for that medium.

This industry certainly does have a binge drinking culture, which I've used to my advantage on multiple occasions. Customers that seem hostile and impossible to please become much more open to compromise after a drink or three. And I've mastered the art of pretending to be drunker than I am, so that I'm the only one at the bar thinking clearly.

But it's not all about being sneaky. People like doing business with their friends, and alcohol is like a cheat code to friendship. Take two people, add a beer or two, and boom, instant friends. It's faster than Facebook.

horrible way to do business.

I agree, but if some customer who's been stonewalling me all day long decides to go out for drinks and then decides to take advantage of my corporate credit card to get slizzered and then decides to resume negotiating the deal, then what am I going to do, stop him? I'm only taking people out for drinks or cigars or wings or whatever to get them friendlier, not to take advantage of them. But if they open themselves up like that, well.

Better to walk a way then to bring myself down to a lower level which taints my ability and your s to see Right from Wrong.

Spiral circle down to the bottom

Alcohol is often used to self medicate. Depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and difficulty making decisions can all be helped to some extent with alcohol, though most people overdo it. I myself will have a drink or 2 before any big social event, otherwise I sweat myself out of my clothes. I've known people to do the same thing with car shopping. Go out for dinner, get some drinks in them, then go car shopping knowing full well they are more likely to be impulsive. For them, the only other option is days of paralysis by analysis which doesn't accomplish anything but more stress. One of my good buddies has "the deal" syndrome where he can't buy anything that isn't discounted, I know he smokes the devil's lettuce before shopping for things like furniture so he can get off his wallet. My point to all this is I don't think it's a terrible way to business, for some people it's the only way.

This is True

I think the booze helps people in general relax , any drug does the same thing .that's why people smoke pot , and smoke cigarettes

social anxiety complex , created by environments where we as people feel inadequate or not up to par

so it is the acceptance , uncomfortable , need for acceptance , recognition , feeling that this helps with.

My drug is Sarcasm which i have to work very hard to control

This set in by upbringing

others have their own demons to battle

that's why the Drink

Just not enough self control to limit the excess

Some time s life puts you in this situation to change you , teach you , train you how to deal with this.

and alcohol takes the training away. cuts short the learning curve

And I've mastered the art of pretending to be drunker than I am, so that I'm the only one at the bar thinking clearly.

Successfully pretending to be drunk for an audience of drunks doesn't sound that hard to me.

On the other hand, if I could only master the art of pretending to be sober when I'm skunk drunk, that would be something. And believe me, its not for lack of trying...

kinda deception the criminals use

watch out , the pretenders are in bussiness now, taking advantage of the drunks

watch out , the pretenders are in bussiness now, taking advantage of the drunks...

It won't last for long; the race to the bottom of the glass is extremely competitive.

Shortly it will be a common spectacle to see two partners at a bar both acting like they are 3 sheets drunk, but in reality both are stone-cold sober, waiting for the other to blunder. These encounters inevitably will escalate until both are pretending to be fall-down drunk. That would be funny.

It will soon become standard that any pub-based negotiations will require the continual use of a calibrated BAC meter, to insure good faith and proper intoxication levels are maintained throughout the night.

I went to a Hikvision party a few years ago. I was told the bar tab was 250K by my regional rep, there were a lot of drunk truck slammers there. This is no different than any other industry, I would almost argue it doesn't exist as much in our industry. I have friends who are in sales in the oil industry and the stories I hear from them are CRAZY. Lots of money, a lot more than our industry and they go all out.

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Kinda give s you a thermometer of how low were sinking. Party is one thing, Pleasure is one thing. but when we are all in a drunken stuper , watch out for the take over of our country. If not conscience , then what , If not self control then what , as you see your bottom line go down , in the tiolet and you end up on welfare wages and over inflated egos , and prices that put you all in the poor house YOU are easy Prey while YOUR drunk, hung over, out of control.

After a while your value as a asset to that company and any other is dropping with the very last drunken stuper

I perform extensive backgrounds as so do most of the large company's I do business with.

I , they want competency, Professionalism, clear headed, clear minded, good thinkers who can Reason, Troubleshoot, test with a deductive reasoning

early on I applied for some large companies and while in background , up to a year in wait , i learned a lot about backgrounding employees and how history follows you up to 30 years , from 18 on , and when in T.S. it goes even deeper .

so Be careful who , what , where you Let YOURself Go and Do.

Records can be opened up.

I do not think binge drinking is a "thing" in the security industry any more than it is elsewhere where you have a bunch of people and free drinks (open bar partner event, corporate card, etc.).

There are certainly some people who will reliably over-indulge, but they seem to be the minority in my experience.

When you are at a tradeshow, which for many people is the only time of year they see some old friends and colleagues, it is easy to stay out late and have a few too many. In that case I consider it less "binge" drinking. If you are 4 guys at a Holiday Inn closing down the lobby bar and running up an $800 tab, THEN you may have a problem.

I also disagree with the comments from people who claim they use these scenarios as a way to get some kind of upper hand in a sale/negotiation. Rarely does business get closed at these kinds of events in the sense of a signed contract. You might get someone to drunkenly agree to something, but getting them to recall that agreement the next day, or later, to actually finalize the deal would be a bit of a feat. I do not doubt that something like this may have happened once or twice, but not frequently enough that you could consider it a "strategy" or even an expectation going into the evening. In many cases, the kind of place where you can get lose-your-senses drunk is also not an ideal environment for trying to iron out the last bits of a sale anyway (loud music, constant interruptions, etc.).

The security industry does not stand out in this regard relative to my experiences in consumer electronics, telecomm, or IT security, and in some cases is more tame overall.

Looking back over 40 years, I feel the drinking problem has lessened. Just as it is no longer fashionable to take customers out for extended drinking lunches, that same factor seems to have resulted in a reduction of extreme drinking at the shows. For example, I recall being told of a law enforcement show many years ago where so much alcohol was consumed that two handguns were accidentally discharged. Since no one was hurt, there was a round of laughter and the offending, very over-served officers were gently disarmed. Today, that would lead to an extensive investigation, suspensions, and extreme media exposure. The point here is that I believe excessive drinking is considered unacceptable by many, and liability issues have reduced the "unlimited free booze" venues. Perhaps binge drinking is still somewhat common at a bar, but the big parties appear to have cut back.

I'm not opposed to binge drinking, but would never do so in a professional environment or around my professional colleagues and peers.

Yes, but the it is the same at all trade shows in almost every industry.

Wow, this thread has so many insights in so many directions. What power your site wields.

To answer your original question, I think that drinking and trade shows have gone hand in hand since the beginning. The question is, to me, if you regularly indulge in your private life like you drink at trade shows, maybe some self-evaluation is needed. The after-hours culture is alcohol and all that goes with it, and competitive people will compete in all aspects of their lives ("I am a better sales rep than you and I can hold my liquor better than you. Wanna' shoot hoops?).

Now, from a practical sales/marketing perspective: I worked for another manufacturer a few years ago. The owners balked at the cost of having a booth at CES and asked for ideas of other things that we could do during the show. My associate suggested a party at Tao. Even though we did the obligatory invitations, we let everyone in, and everyone was happy. Everyone was loose. Several of our sales guys collared my associate and told him, "I have talked to potential customers tonight who I could never talk to before. This was the best idea ever."

Finally, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). Ya'all shouldn't be drinking or smoking. And don't even think about drugs. But apparently, if you call on the security people at BYU, you can now get a Coke.

Mark, good feedback. I wanted to highlight this portion which I found informative:

Several of our sales guys collared my associate and told him, "I have talked to potential customers tonight who I could never talk to before. This was the best idea ever."

I can believe it.

To be clear Mark. You can get an actual Coke with caffeine now. 😂🎉

I thought I was the only Mormon in the industry who wasn’t working for a D2D company.

Ya'all shouldn't be drinking or smoking.

But if I don't, somebody else will get the sale:

Forced outdoors several times daily into the chilly New England winter air by increasingly restrictive smoking policies of the 1990's, I kept company with a few other outcasts, in the corporate tower side vestibule, aka the "smoking lounge".

There's nothing that bonds people quite like the combination of freezing temperatures, mutual shame and a shared vice.

One day my boss says to me, so you know the CFO of [large life insurance/casualty firm]? "You mean Danny? From the smoking area?"

The odds of getting in front of the guy if you didn't know him were probably pretty low. But it's hard to be proud when you're standing outside without a jacket, shivering and bumming a smoke.

They ended up becoming our first "real client".

Lucky Strike.

- From "How to Smoke your Competition"

UD9, you make a valid point. There’s a reason I still attend these functions. Thankfully we live in a world where people are OK with me not drinking. I can honestly say I’ve never been in a situation where someone gave me a hard time or even asked why I don’t drink. I don’t think I’ve ever had to mention that I don’t drink in these situations. I think for the most part our industry is very respectful and professional.

Finally, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). Ya'all shouldn't be drinking or smoking.

Well you could say I drink 'religiously'.

I have done 20 ISC shows, and of course some folks drink way too much. But i think they are by far the minority. And also of course, its because “Vegas!” I’m not saying they don't partake at home, but come on...the attendance would drop tremendously if it was held amywhere else. The location is a major part of the attraction!


I think its just trade shows in general. I have been to security industry tradeshows and other industry (software in other industry shows and events) and the same thing happens. I think generally, socializing is the big aspect of getting to go to a tradeshow or event and drinking always happens...and there are always one or more that get knee deep in the hoopla. I don't think its a security thing. Happens everywhere.

Many of moons have gone by when i deliberated this topic, thought about this intently and decided to choose a different path.

Everything has a price , even friendship, associations, relationships

There is always maintenance required (Time)

I changed after I got the business and success , so I sold off , decided to manage the accounts at a better level and have the time with out the changes in ME. did not like who i had become in the process

So the real question is : Do You want to be that person or really have those things .

Many times I wanted to Dump Accounts after acquiring them , due to maintenance and relationship issues required to keep them Happy

Many of moons have gone by when i deliberated this topic, thought about this intently and decided to choose a different path...

IMHO, few people actually set out to be a “binge drinker”. It’s more of an acquired taste...

Social drinking is for sure a big part of our industry and is great for networking opportunities. After my 20 years in the industry, I’ve noticed most drink responsibility. Seems like some of the more youthful professionals tend to overindulge. However when drinking becomes something that is noticed by peers and management repeatedly, it can be very bad for future opportunities.

Probably still true. i am not taking part in these parties for years now.

I think it's same every industry for everyone in terms of binge drinking. Personally I've had some pretty epic nights at ASIS and ISC West but always knew when to stop. There's always someone who over does it but for the most part people are talking about business or just dancing away to a mediocre cover band playing some 80's song with a conversation about Lenel or Genetec happening in a back corner somewhere.....

Anyway what did I miss this year at ISC West?

Maybe the some or our industry suffers from distress and despair and the use of alcohol as a coping mechanism? I mean watch the Dahua video with the Turing Robot hung up on a stand why show this?

Greg, are you accusing the robot of being drunk? ;)

I do agree with you. Maybe they are big in truth in advertising!

I happen to know it wasn't it's fault. Someone gave it 40W oil instead of 10W oil, and it just couldn't handle it.

Most likely hung over robot operator or programming error...or does it just navigate autonomously?

To be fair, its not an official Dahua video, its from one of their OEM Partners.

Secondly, they are saying it will help you compete with the big boys, and it isnt driving into any bodies of water/crushing humans, so it could be worse.

Thanks #27 !

The video tells only little of the story due to editing.

The robot is working perfectly.
When an obstruction stops its path, due to being small legs, chairs, and tables or just too low, the robot will test it first to see if it can go over it. (As seen in video) If not,
it backs up, reassesses the obstacle and changes its path. This all takes about ten to 15 seconds and is not seen in the video.
It works 99% of the time. The real issue is chairs. The older version of Nimbo would always (And I mean always) get stuck. The new solution is a great credit to our engineering team and to our commitment to making Nimbo really nimble ad ready for service!
Sorry, could not resist.
Case in point. At the Milestone's yearly MIPS show in Feb. Las Vegas. I was very concerned about the 500 chairs in the main eating area. (All the vendors were placed in a circle around the area) We were able to perform perfectly for two days in the environment. (I was even surprised!)
We were very pleased with the outcome.
Thomas Stoker

Thomas, great feedback and I for one appreciate the elaboration on what we were seeing. Getting robots to "think" on even the most basic level to intelligently figure out a situation is always difficult.

And before someone else asks, how does it stand up to wookies? :)