48 Port Switch Recommendation?

Does anybody use 48 port POE switches? If not then why? It seems that the typical 48 port has roughly double the power of the 24. What is an adequate power budget for roughly 40 cameras? The HP 1910 switch that many are using

Whats the Power consumption of each camera? Is it standard PoE, PoE+, 60W...?
Standard POE. No PTZS or anything requiring POE+. A few dozen Hikvision cameras and some miscellaneous.

It looks like the HP1910 series only has 180w max PoE capability for its 48 port units. If I am reading this correctly, that would be very risky for 40 cameras (180 / 40 = 4.5w per camera) which would definitely be pushing it even with fixed cameras.

Ubiquiti has a 48 port POE swtich that has 500W. It is very reasonably priced but don't know anything about its' reliability.

Yes. If wedded to HP, you would likely want to go to HP 1920-48G-POE+ model with 370W.

Netgear GS752TP. We've used a lot of them, with no problems. 384W (IIRC) and web-managed.

On the 24-port side, we've used the GS728TPP, which also has 384W, but the power can be expanded. Never had to, though.

We've used the HP1910s, as well, and they worked fine.

HP 2920 series is what we normally use. You can get up to 740 watts of POE power on the 48 port models.

I have a 48 port switch loaded up. The switch is rated for 750W however the actual draw is only 150W. Is the specified load of the swtich limited by the actual draw or the class that is requested by the camera? If all the cameras requrest 15.4 then a switch with 350W doesn't get you too far.

#1, I can believe that presuming you have cameras that are not PTZs and don't have heater / blowers. In such cases, power consumption frequently only consumes a few watts. Related: IP Camera Power Consumption Guide

Just remember to check this at night time if your using IR cameras. Also you will see a difference in winter time verse summer.