Y-Cam Camera Overview

By John Honovich, Published Jul 11, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

Y-Cam is a UK camera manufacturer specializing in the residential and SMB market segments. They offer a range of cameras [link no longer available] with the following key options:

  • Cube vs. Bullet: Most models are cube; Y-Cam offers 1 bullet camera
  • IR LEDs: The "Black", "Knight" cameras and bullet have built-in IR LEDs. The "White" cameras do not have built-in IR LEDs.
  • SD vs non SD: About half of the models offer micro-SD card support
  • Black and White housings
  • Outdoor enclosure accessories called Shells that cube camera models can be inserted within
  • Supports Flash and Quicktime plugins enabling use beyond IE/PCs (MACs, Chrome, etc.)
  • All cameras support audio (one-way microphone). The Bullet camera supports two-way audio.
  • Y-cam provides a free VMS system, iPhone and Adroid app called Multi-View [link no longer available] that only supports their own cameras

All cameras support MJPEG and MPEG-4. Only the bullet camera supports a mechanical cut filter and PoE.

The pricing range of Y-cam cameras is average to above average for its features/category (roughly $200 - $300 on-line pricing for the Y-cam cube cameras - similar to moderately higher than the Axis M11 series). Y-cam cameras are available through numerous on-line stores.

Y-cam offers fairly broad 3rd party support amongst VMS suppliers focused on the residential / SMB market. Y-Cam's support for enterprise focused VMS systems is limited.

Y-Cam provides a hosting video interface called Hive [link no longer available]. This interface enables 3rd party developers / VSaaS providers to provide managed/hosted video services. End users cannot gain remote access by connecting to Hive directly. Jabbakam is an example of a VSaaS provider using the Hive interface.

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