World's Smallest HD Bullet (Axis M2014)

By: John Honovich, Published on Mar 25, 2013

Axis announced the M2014-E, what it's calling "world's smallest HDTV bullet-style network camera." While it might sound like a game changer, the details most likely make it a niche product. In this note, we dig into the specifications and pricing, comparing it to other Axis lines (like the covert P12 series) and competitor offerings.

M2014 Overview

Undoubtedly, the M2014 is mini, as this picture of the camera being adjusted demonstrates:

The main drawback / limitation is that the camera needs a main unit / processing box, just like the covert P12, that looks like this:

The M2014 is most similar to the P1214, as both are outdoor rated, have the same lens length and F number. The core technical difference is the external housing /mounting for the camera unit. Secondarily, the new M2104 only has a 1 year warranty while the P12s have 3 years (consistent with M and P series warranties).


The M2014's MSRP is $399 USD, $100 less than that of the P12 cameras ($499).

Positioning: M2014 vs P1214

Since the two are so similar, the main drivers will be price and form factor. If you do not want a fully covert camera but want something tiny, the M2014 is likely the better deal, given the lower cost.

Positioning: M2014 vs the Industry

Unless you want a camera that is very tiny, the M2014 is unlikely to be highly attractive. At an MSRP of $399, that is roughly double the price of comparable positioned 1MP minidomes or cube cameras. Plus, the additional main unit increases the space needed for storing these units (e.g., imagine having 8 or 12 of these boxes lying around a retail store).

Overall, mini bullets typically have the reputation of being super cheap, entry level offerings. While the M2014 is extremely tiny, it is much more of a premium, niche product than traditional offerings.

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